Yen Ai Dessert House @ Lintas

Today, after we had our brunch at Maple Cafe, we drove over to Yen Ai Dessert House in Lintas to satisfied out sweet tooth. Our friend from KL "Terence" wanted to have something cooling, I mean ice cold, so he order Red Bean Ice, then we order green and red bean dessert (hot) as usual, so we can sweat more in this hot weather, fuh detoxing! Haha

Previous visit 15th Oct 2009
After dinner me and my sister decided to go for some sweet soup nearby, we usually buy a lot of take away from here but now, some of the gym members always made sweet soup for us, so we are not so regular here anymore.
If you come a bit earlier around 8pm, it will be crowded and for sure at 3:15pm, Tea-Time for KK people, you can hardly find a table. We reached here about 10pm, most of their dessert were sold out!
Selections of Chinese Herbal Cooling Tea and Cold Desserts, Price start from RM2.50
Selections of Cheese Cakes (We never try it)
Selections of Side order: Malay Kuih, Bak Chang, Cheong Fun, Fried Mee, Yam Cake
My sister order a sweet potatoes ginger sweet soup RM2.30
I order an ABC/Ice Kacang RM5.00

Green Bean Dessert, RM2.30

Red Bean Dessert, RM2.30

Red Bean Ice Dessert, RM5.00

Yummy...yummy desserts

 Mango Ice, RM5.50
 Grass Jelly Ice, RM4.00
Cooling Grass Jelly Drink, RM2.80

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


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