Kopitiam Pastries @ Inanam and Menggatal

Do you know where to find good kong sou peng, tausa bun and currypuffs?

Kedai Kopi Kiong Kee is very well-known with their Kong Sou Peng. It even came out in the newspaper before. The restaurant is located next to Kedai Kopi Dat Seng (three restaurants in the same row of shoplots are famous with their own specialty). A must-go place if you love Kong Sou Peng!!

Kong Sou Peng RM1/each (Nice, strong egg tastes and not too dry)

The stall also selling sesame balls and it is special. Don't be confuse when you see the pumpkin label, it is not pumpkin fillings but the skin is made with pumpkin and the fillings is red bean. (Nice, love it)

Our next stop after Kedai Kopi Kiong Kee is Kedai Kopi Soon Hing which is located at the shoplots in Menggatal market. Just the opposite of petrol station Esso. This restaurant is actually listed in The Star Street Food Guide. So what is famous here? Currypuff!!

The restaurant only serves pastries and drinks....

The famous currypuffs. Believe me, it tasted good, we ate three in a row...

On the way back, we drop-by at Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin. Located at Inanam, opposite of Milimewa. The restaurant is famous with its buns. They serves variety of buns and we love the buns here expecially the tausa bun and pineapple bun.

The restaurant will be crowded during tea-time.

Fresh from the oven! Yummy! The buns comes with different fillings, redbean(tausa), pineapple, peanuts, kaya and butter.

They also serves variety of pastries


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