My top 5 treat list

Year 2009 is going to end in two months time. With a brand new year coming ahead, a new plan will be made. Thinking of plans, I was already wondering of my treats for next year (maybe it is too soon to day dream). My biggest treat for this year was getting a brand new car. So, what will I get next year?

My top 5 treat list:

Firstly, I was thinking of getting a new laptop as my 3 years old laptop had been spoiled for quite some times. After doing a survey for laptop at Karamunsing, I'm considering of getting Dell's Inspiron 13 and Toshiba NB200.
Dell is thin and light (1.8kg) with 13.3 inches wide vivid display. The machine is powered by 6-cell 56WHr Li-Ion Battery which deliver 50% more performance and this is quite useful for me to update my blog anytime and anywhere. It comes with all the features that I needed. The price is affordable and most importantly, I like the Cherry Red colour. (Nothing to complain about)
Toshiba is lighter (1.18kg) but only with 10.1 inches screen. The portable power only last about an hour because it only has a 3-Cell Lithium Ion for a power plant. The notebook also comes without a cd-rom drive. However, i like it because the design is nice and the price is cheaper as it is a notebook and not a laptop.

Scratching head thinking of what to buy!!

Okay, come to my second treat, I'm planning for a holiday to Taiwan or Bangkok. Of course it is a food trip cum shopping trip. I've been to Bangkok once and love the food there. As for Taiwan, I've been planning for the trip since last year but haven't got a chance yet. Always saw the nice food in Taipei introduced on TV show and wanted to try it out. Hopefully, the plan to open a new route from KK to Taipei by Airasia will not be cancel. I'm waiting to get a good bargain from Airasia.
 I've bought a new car this year and that's my biggest treat. If possible, I would like to buy a new house in KK. My very own house. Probably a condo because I'm still not used to staying in a landed property (have been staying in a condo since my childhood when I was in KL). Have been looking around but haven't really found a good location.

After all the expensive treat I've mentioned, maybe I should lower down my expectation. Going back to KL to visit my doggy and my family is also one of the treat I get every year. What is life without the love from family?
Finally, enhancing my knowledge by joining a course. People may think of studying as stressful, but I felt that getting to upgrade myself with more knowledge is enjoyable too. That's why getting to join a course will also be one of my top 5 treat(of course, it will be better if someone is paying it for me).


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