On 13th March 2010, Saturday (Open for business) LUK LUK PRINCE OPEN A STALL @  TANAMERA, Lintas (located at the same row of shop as Maybank)
"Now more Luk Luk selections and most price at RM1.50 per stick" Must try! Must Try!

Luk Luk Prince is located at Lintas, near Maybank. It is exactly the same location where Luk Luk Queen used to be. Their opening hours is from 8pm to 1am daily. You can also order home service as they are doing catering for party and special occasion.The price of Luk Luk per stick vary from RM1 to RM2. It is much more cheaper than Luk Luk Queen. They have four kinds of sauces which is sweet sauce(our favourite),hot chilli sauce, thai chilli sauce and satay sauce. I may sounds like promoting this mobile hawker but no doubt, the boss is much more friendly than Luk Luk Queen and that's why we got more information to blog.
 Selection of luk luk for boiling and frying
Selection of luk luk and the sauces available
Should try this catering for your party, something different and don't forget to invite me yeah!

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


Unknown said…
Luk-luk!! One of my favorite street food at pasar malams. Surprise they also have thai chili sauce. The one in Kajang that I usually go (Fat Man Steamboat) only have the dark sweet sauce, chili sauce and peanut satay sauce. RM1-RM2 per stick is pretty decent. Love the fishballs. Never fail to pop some fishballs into my mouth when I go for luk-luk. Fishball popping mania!!
Angeline said…
Yeah, this one really taste like what I can get in KL, but KL have more selection of luk luk, my favourite pasar malam food also, must have, never miss! I love the sauce...slurp, goes extremely well with the luk luk.
Unknown said…
Not sure if this is offered by the luk-luk sellers in KK. The luk-luk in KL, they also have fish balls with minced meat inside the fish balls. Quite nice. I always eat atleast one stick of that. YUMMY!! Maybe should have luk-luk for dinner tomorrow.
Jason said…
heyyy luk luk!! this time its luk luk prince? the other one is luk luk queen? hehehe..!! should give it a try soon, looks nice.. btw, terence, u mentioned about fish balls with minced meat, i think the luk luk queen got sell that one.. with meat inside the fishball.. if thats what u mean.. hehehe.. thanks for blogging about this ;)
Angeline said…
Jason, that fishball is call Fook Chow fish ball. Yeah try the luk luk, you'll love the sauces, slurp..yummy and tell them they're on my blog already, haha
Jaimeh said…
went there last night for supper... so yummy!! my favorite would be the fish ball and sweet sause!! :D
Angeline said…
Jaimeh, glad that you enjoy it, yeah I love the sauce, yummy
Jaimeh said…
Thanks for recommending a lot of new places to eat.. even though im borned sabahan... but i think u know more nice places than a do! *embarrassed* hehehe..
Mas Light said…
They moved to Likas Servey, I think they gonna open shop at Lintas in March.
B said…
opening at tanamerah lintas soon ;)
Anonymous said…
Served no pork?
Angeline said…
Sorry, no longer in business. You can get a halal luk luk at Waterfront KK next to the Malay Restaurant

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