Oh my! Me and my sister "Monica" feeling so tired today, can't adapt to the new schedule for classes, 9pm when we made our move to search for dinner. I remember my sister told me this place serve a very nice hokkien mee in Beverly, so I suggested to go there. Normally you'll wait ages for your food to arrive but we are lucky cause every table were already served when we order ours, got our Seafood fried mee hoon in about 5mins time, then 5 mins later our Hokkien mee came as well. True enough, it was the best Hokkien mee I ever had in Kota Kinabalu and the seafood fried mee hoon quite good too, or maybe we're just hungry and exhausted, so everything we put in our mouth taste good, haha. The restaurant are crowded with people, supper, most table order and take away Hokkien mee. Taste so good because it was cooked with pork lard and you can see that the noodle is flooded with crunchy fried pork fats, yummy tho! But I'll definitely won't let my mum eat this, her favourite, no no for her health, sorry mum, I won't bring you to tis restaurant. Our dinner tonite only cost RM11,
Hokkien Mee

 Seafood Fried Meehoon

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Unknown said…
Love Hokkien mee. NICE!! The more pork lard, the better. :) In PJ, there is a restaurant called O & S in Paramount Garden PJ. They cook an awesome Hokkien Mee served on banana leaf in the evening. Used to go there after work when I was working as a Central Purchaser at The Store Supermarket Head Office.
Angeline said…
In KL, you can find a good one almost everywhere, but not in KK
Unknown said…
True. But some in KL, they cook it until too soggy sometimes in certain outlets. I remember the one at Petaling Street is supposed to be famous. But I understand from what some people say, the standard drop a bit now.

My favorite condiment with Hokkien Mee,.... Sambal Belacan!! Yummy!!
all-is-off said…
thanks for this post as i've been searching a long time for a place that does good hokkien mee - especially love it if it has lots of crunchy fried pork fats ;)
Angeline said…
Yeah, really good, but have to work harder to burn those saturated fats away from the body system.

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