FOODS & T @ Bundusan Square

A truly disappointed experiences. Maybe we have no luck today. We were supposed to go for a new dim sum place located at the shop lots behind East Ocean Restaurant but the shop was closed when we reached. Hence, we ended up having our breakfast at Foods & T which is actually located next to the dim sum restaurant. We were quite confident with the food there because we saw quite a lot of customers having fish head noodles in the shop. In addition, the restaurant is located at the new shop lots area which is quite secluded. However, the food was really bad.

Kon Lau Mee, RM1 (this is ok)
 Fish Fillet soup, RM5 (not nice and too salty, too little fish fillet)

 Tom Yum Noodle with Fried Fish Head, RM6 (too milky, no tomyum tastes and the fish head have too much bones)
Kon Lau Mee, Tom Yum Noodle and 2 Ice Water, RM12.60

Food: 2/5
Services: 3/5
Cleeanliness: 3/5


HallyuSurfer said…
I'm actually not a big fan of Fish mee but my mum like to eat here..

it's nothing special
Angeline said…
Yeah, Mimie, nothing special, dunno why your mu like it...hmmm ????
Unknown said…
1 buck for a kon lau mee? How's that for a novelty? That is friggin cheap!!
Angeline said…
Not cheap, I would consider it as an extra charge, RM5 + RM1 for a bowl of noodle, you'll never eat it in KL. Remember the one we went with Alex and Penny in Jln Alor, big portion with lots of fish, you add prawn -that's cheap, and we all love the curry mee RM5.50 only
Unknown said…
Yeah, I remember the one at jln. Alor. That one is really nice. I miss the chendol there. Must, must go again.

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