Oregano Cafe @ Waterfront

Already plan to go waterfront for dinner tonight, always pass by this Oregano Cafe whenever I go for my Indian cuisine almost on every friday, tempted to give it a try today. Order our dishes and seated for about 30mins waiting for our dinner, meantime we're feeding the mosquitos, couldn't stand those mosquitos keep on biting us so we moved to another table which is brighter. Finally our food came, not very appealling, portion are small and you can even count how many pieces of ingredient in it, exspensive, definitely or strictly for tourist only to dine here, one time business type. Our damages for dinner tonight RM73.30.I should just go next door, my favourite Italian restaurant "Toscani's" or walk further to "Kohinoor" for North Indian food. Well, at least now I know, I've made a good choice to always head back to the same place I love for dinner. Tomorrow morning or noon will be going for Ngiu Chap at Borneon Foh San for brunch, maybe will try the famous coffee shop selling roasted meat as well, long queue everyday, heard their chicken rice are fragrancely nice and flavourful, that's the reason everything sold out before 12noon, will try my luck.
 Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables, RM10
 Seafood Tofu, RM10
 Stir-Fried Baby Kai Lan, RM7
 Waterfront Fish n Chips, RM25.80

Food: 2/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5


Unknown said…
The Fish N Chips looks nice and crispy. Love the huge amount of tartar sauce they serve it with. To me, tartar sauce is a MUST for Fish n Chips. Cannot imagine eating without Tartar sauce. Will be quite dry I feel.
EugeneC said…
A note to the coffee shop selling Roasted meat, U can get ur food faster if u eat-in compared to queueing for take away.. Roasted pork will probably be sold out around 12.30pm but cha siu n roast chicken would still be available until 1 smth.. the spare ribs there r very nice as well!
Angeline said…
Terence, Toscani's served a better Fish n Chips, around the same price and fish is much more fresher.

Eugene, thank you. You seem like a food lover as well. When we are running out of place to go, can ask you, haha. Good day!
all-is-off said…
you definitely have to try the shop selling roasted meat - my kids love the chicken rice there and yes eating in is a lot faster than getting take away.
Angeline said…
No luck, couldn't get it hmmmm..sob sob
EugeneC said…
it opens around 11.30am i think?? Haha.. Yea I am really a foodlover! looking at all the pictures of the food in KK really make me miss them so much coz I study overseas and dun get to eat them!

Btw, I noticed u dun have a post for little italy! if u haven't tried it b4, it's really a must as it's the best italian food in KK! Especially the Home-made Lemonade, it's the best I've ever tried lol...
Monica said…
we left around 11.30am but the stall still not yet open.u can still enjoy the food at overseas, especially western food.

I've tried little italy and my first time was a very bad experience. FOOD POISONING!! Then, I was on my bed for 3 days eating only a pack of biscuit a day. Maybe is phobia, the second time i went, i don't feel the food is really nice. I think Toscani and Bella Italia is better.

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