Restaurant Sri Melaka @ Kampung Air

Tonight dinner - Nyonya Food, we grow up eating Nyonya food most of the time, my dad is a "Baba". Since young we are well trained in eating hot and spicy food, using hand as our utensil. When Jack told us there's a nice Nyonya Restaurant in town, we have been looking forward to go since, but always finish work late can't make it. Today before we left the gym, bump into Elaine, she ask where are we going for dinner so we invited her to join us. I know this restaurant is good cause you can hardly find a table, luckily someone just finish and paying their bill, manage to get a table...fuh! Well, I'll never miss ordering my favourite Assam Fish (fresh, aroma of the herbs will make you salivating), garlic chicken (sweet, tender and well marinated), beancurd oyster sauce top with fried onion (simple and delicious, I like my mum version with soy sauce) and 2 dishes of Stir-fried vegetable. We had a great time chatting and eating, I finished all the left over, gotta burn it tomorrow morning...burn more calories....spin.spin

 ABC/ Ice Kacang
 Stir-Fried`Pucuk Manis
 Stir-Fried Sweet Sprout
 Garlic Chicken
 Beancurd with Onion
 Assam Fish
 5 Dishes, 3 drinks and 3 Rice, Total bill paid: RM72.70

Food: 5/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


HallyuSurfer said…
I love eating at Sri Melaka!

usually when I go there, lots of tourist around and they seem to enjoy it as well!
Angeline said…
Absolutely agree with you, love the taste, delicious!

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