Kedai Kopi Luyang @ Foh San

Talking about where to go for tea-time in KK, there are plenty of places to suggest. One of the locals favourite place is Kedai Kopi Luyang. For pork lovers, the restaurant have stalls serving Chu Chap (pork intestines) and Wor Tip(dumplings). Also, there are stalls selling Pau, Char Koay Teow, Satay, Fried Chicken and pastries. That's why it is a good place to go during tea time(forget about the calories intake).

Char Koay Teow, RM4 (Not bad, the prawn is fresh and the tastes is good)

Mixed Pork Intestines, RM10 (This is good and it can hardly find in KK)

Tau Foo Fah Special, RM2.50 (Although it can hardly find in KK but this doesn't tasted good and it's expensive. The textures is not smooth)

Food: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 2/5


EugeneC said…
Speaking about pork intestines.. U should post a blog about the pork intestine noodle at Tanjung Aru which sells out everyday after before 10am! That one is personally the best in KK for me...
Angeline said…
Will try to go there, but is almost impossible for me to reach there before 10am cause I'm teaching morning class, by the time I finish, everything sold out already. Thank you Eugene for nice place and food suggestion :) Any place for dinner??? Can't think of any
EugeneC said…
Hmm.. For dinner, I haven't really see posts of Supertanker and also Gui Du in Tanjung Aru from you yet right? My personal favourite in supertanker is cod fish both steamed and fried, and the salad yau zha guay as well... And for Gui Du, lots of nice but expensive food and not to be missed is their Crystal Prawn Balls!! They serve crocodile meat as well if u dare to try =) I tried once only and it was quite good to be honest...

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