In the dark of night, and there in the depth of Kolombong’s industrial estate, lies an unsuspecting eatery serving one of the best seafood dish in town. Verbally guiding us there was trustable Shirley (Mrs. Paul Yong), whose phrase “when you’ve reached the Bernas runabout, then you’ve gone too far” served us as a very cheeky reminder, and that alone saved us the trouble from making potential endless turns. Incidentally, its located just next to that yellow “stanley” brand. Its on the same row as Proton showroom and Angkatan Hebat.

We ordered curry fish head and sayur manis, aka “small tree vegetable” in Chinese. A small order considering there were 3 of us right? Well you (like us) could be wrong. The curry fish head was served to us in a rather large platter together with a generous portion of the sayur manis.

The aroma hits you with a familiar tune, and when gravy meets taste bud, one would recognize it to be parallel to curry mee. This is not to say that this is bad, on the contrary, the curry when mixed together with the fresh steamed fish, creates a match made in heaven, living blissfully in your mouth. The fish is fresh and is properly steamed to lock in the flavor. If you are wearing dentures, then those faux teeth are optional when eating this fish, because they just melt in your mouth. The curry itself, as mentioned earlier is like that of curry mee soup. But if you are into thick curry gravy, then you may be disappointed, but it makes up with its great taste and spiciness.

As for the vege, it may be a little too generous on cooking oil to my liking. In other words, its not the best in town, but not a bad one nonetheless. People do after all, come here for their curry fish head, steamed fish with tang hun and fresh big prawn. And be noted that the people who frequent this humble eatery, are not your average joes, (Judging from their ride). The hidden meaning to this is: be prepared to pay more. RM55.80 for 2 dish, 3 rice, a can of 100plus and to glass of plain water. You be the judge on this.

 Curry Fish Head, Stir-Fried Vegetable, 3 plate of rice and 3 drinks, Total bill: RM55.80
 Stir-fried Sayur Manis with egg
Food: 5/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

Paul Thien   H/P: 019-8015787
Lot 2, Hse No.2, 43 Seludang Light Industrial Estate,
Lorong Buah Sukun Satu, Mile 5 1/2, Off Jalan Tuaran, 
Kolombong, Inanam, 88804 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


Ron said…
U shud have order their steam chicken.... It's really darn didling delicious....
Angeline said…
Yeah, everyone say the chicken is good, but we can't finish, so next time. Not cheap tho, RM30 for half steamed corn feeded chicken.

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