Maggi Mee My Way Recipe

What can you do when you found the fridge bare, with only potatoes, eggs, cheese, sausages and maggi mee curry flavour? 

With a little creativity you can actually create a gastronomic adventure instead of cooking maggi mee the normal way with eggs and sausages. Not to mention, youngster nowadays love to add-in a slice of cheese into their maggi mee soup. The recipe that I created might be unusual but surprisingly tasted good!!

Mix of mashed potato and eggs wrapped around cheese and pieces of sausage, and rolled around crushed raw maggi mee finished with a sprinkle of maggi mee curry seasoning on top. Deep fried till golden brown and served hot, Maggi mee cheesy ball just melts in your mouth with its juicy cheese flowing out from its innards. Lets not forget the crunchy texture on the outside with spicy curry seasoning! This is truly a fusion of eastern spiciness, meets western melting cheese, and all this brought closer to your doorstep, by none other than, faithful Maggi.


Aya Nina said…
Wow! This is great. I only tried as far as 'kueh maggie'. Maggie curry cooked till super kembang, put in flat square glass bowl, leave it to rest, and refrigerate one whole night. the next day, once it's frozen, cut into pieces, sip into egg white and fry it. yum yum!

I want to try your version. More express, cheesy and crunchy! zomg~ I'm drooling! I think you should post more creative food like this ;)
Unknown said…
Yowza!! That looks really interesting. Would like to try this myself. I am a sucker for anything that is cheesy and love potatoes too.
Angeline said…
Wow! Jack, so many supporter, creative chef, haha
HallyuSurfer said…
drooling already!

going to try this..
Unknown said…
ui jacks! u said mix mashed potatoes wit eggs..itu eggs mo masak dulu ka? (@[email protected])
Monica said…
Arlene, the u need to mix the mashed potatoes with raw eggs.

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