SRI MAJU STEAMBOAT @ ASIA CITY weather in KK, feel dehydrated, need to have some soup for dinner. What else's better than steamboat, ok, heading to Asia City, going to try this Sri Maju Steamboat, heard it's good. Set meal steamboat, charging RM30 per person. This is a "serve no pork" restaurant. Almost every table ordered yam rice but we didn't cause I don't think we can finish and remember to ask for their special sauce for the dipping, really good. Me and my sister enjoy tonight dinner, fresh seafood, great flavour chicken soup, lots of vegetables, felt so satisfied....yumm...burpp..ahhh
You should give it a go, if you like steamboat.

Food: 5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


Anonymous said…
hun, u forgot to tag steamboat in your label ;)
Monica said…
thanks for reminding
all-is-off said…
this looks really good - will definitely give it a go - thanks for the post!

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