Malindo @ Wisma Merdeka


Dropping by at Wisma Merdeka to get a wedding present today. One thing we couldn't miss out about Wisma Merdeka is our favourite place, Malindo. We love the food there very much. We ordered a nasi goreng Malindo, mee goreng special and a nasi campur today.Hmmm....yummy!!

Mee Goreng Special, RM6.50 (Good!)

Nasi Campur, RM7.50

Nasi Goreng Malindo, RM7.50(it tasted as good as it look)


 Selections of dishes to go with your rice, yumm...yummm

Food: 5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5


Unknown said…
The chicken on the nasi goreng looks like chicken chop with brown sauce. Is it chicken chop?
Angeline said…
Nope, not chicken chop, a few cutlets of s\chicken ayam masak merah, delicious!
all-is-off said…
this is my favourite Malay shop to eat whenever i'm in Wisma Merdeka - it's very rare that i get a chance to eat Malay food so will always tapau here if i'm unable to eat in.
Angeline said…
Me and Monica love to eat here, we used to have our lunch there almost everyday, but nowaday a bit busy, no time to drive there just for a meal. Some more now doing the food blog, have to search for new food and place to eat.

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