YOYO CAFE @ Damai, Centrepoint and Lintas

Yoyo Cafe is one of the best bubble tea chains cafe in KK. They have three branches which is located at Damai, Centrepoint and Lintas respectively. I love their Pearl Jelly Honey drink and their Red Bean Ice Blended while Jack love their Peppermint Milk Tea and Almond Milk Tea. Therefore, whenever we passed by Yoyo Cafe, we won't miss the chance of getting our favourite drink especially during hot sunny day.
Slurp...Our Dessert tonight, Total: RM10.60
 Red Bean Snow Ice, RM3.50
 Peppermint Bubble Tea, RM3.30 and Pearl Honey Jelly, RM3.80
 Yoyo Cafe @ Centrepoint, always long queue
 Yoyo Cafe @ Centrepoint
 Yoyo Cafe @ Lintas

 Lintas Branch moving over here soon, new shop across the road
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 5/5


Anonymous said…
Why yoyo cafe never get a branch at KF or 1 borneo!We wish to see "you" here as well!:-)
Anonymous said…
Adakah penyediaan makanan dan minuman di yoyo cafe adalah halal???
Anonymous said…
KF where issit?1 borneo is too far and they no transport to fetch they worker home:)
Hannah Jue said…
yoyo best!!!! wish dat yoyo got brnch @ putrajaya wp..huhuhu
Anonymous said…
adakah makanan dan minuman di yoyo cafe halal? diharap mendapat maklum balas dengan secepat mungkin
Angeline said…
Serve no pork. There isn't any Halal certificate on their shop wall

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