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Upperstar Steak & Chicken [email protected] Lintas

Angeline Thursday, December 3, 2009 , , , , , , ,

Upperstar had recently opened another new branch in Lintas and it is called Upperstar Steak and Chicken Restaurant. When we saw the new signboard, we thought that it might have a new menu which is different from other branch and so we went there to check-it-out. Since it was a new opening, the place was crowded and it was really hard to find parking. We was lucky as we parked our car at the opposite road near Frenz Cafe.
Quite disappointing as the menu was still the same, only with one new dish, tenderloin which cost RM22.90. As we mentioned at the previous Upperstar's post, the food were just so-so. This time, you will also be amaze with the ''Big Plate'' but the serving is extremely small. Total damages for tonight dinner RM76.31 (4 main course and 3 soft drinks)

 Fish and Chips, RM12.60
 Chicken Chop, RM11.95
Tenderloin, RM22.90
 Chicken Cheese Burger, RM7.80
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

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Anonymous said...

their grilled chicken chop, lamb chop, mushroom soup and quail bird is very very nice.
btw, fish and chips doesnt require any cooking skill cz it's just deep fried thing. not healthy and nt nice.

Angeline said...

Haven't return to try thier food again, most of the time the food quality either improving or dropping, in that case, they're making it bettter to keep the crowds :)
For fish and chips, fish quality and the batters are very important, frying is a skill, if you're not good at it, the food will be soaked in oil, very greasy, dripping oil

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