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Snifff Monday, December 14, 2009 , , ,
Greetings, this is my first post for "Everyday Food I love in KK", just that my "food-ie" adventures won't be based on food in KK but more likely Singapore and KL. I have been invited to share my "food-ie" adventures by Angeline and I thank her very much for allowing me to do so.

Let's not waste anymore time but get into real gist of this blog. Talking about food.

Over the weekend, my gf and I decided to try this Japanese Restaurant "Shin Kushiya" located at Vivocity (Singapore). What attracted me most to this place is that it doesn't look too commercialize (as compared to Sushi Tei and Sakae Sushi).

It is nicely decorated and the ambiance reflected a very calm, cool and collected environment. The design of this restaurant screams modern and contemporary. It is spacious and not too pretentious. You have your own privacy and best thing of all, the view was splendid since it was overlooking the Harbour and Sentosa.

If i am not wrong, people patronize this place for their kushiyaki or more commonly known as skewers. Skewers in all form from vegetables to meat to poultry to innards. I will definitely come back to try their version of Kushiyaki another day. As you enter this restaurant, being a typical japanese restaurant, you'll be greeted by every single waiter, waitress, chefs and employees working there. A little bit overwhelming but nonetheless welcoming!

We were there for a Saturday Lunch and two girls with mediocre appetite, it was indeed a waste not being able to explore more of the dishes layed out in the menu which i must say, looks absolutely delicious.

We decided to have appetizers/entree to share, main and dessert to share.

The first entree/appetizer was the tuna with spicy cream cheese, coupled with bonito flakes and seaweed and finely sliced spring onions. Well, I am not exactly sure how this should be eaten, but i presume its wrapping the tuna, the bonito flakes and spring onion with the seaweed. Or at least, thats how i had mine. We were quite dissapointed with this dish, as the tuna didnt taste too fresh and definitely lack in that freshness and oceany factor! Sashimi lovers will know what i am referring to!

Normally, a fresh looking tuna will be deep red in colour but this is pale in comparison.

The second entree we had was the sushi which was wrapped with bacon. I guess its safe to say that anything bacon is always delicious. Sorry that my memory failed me but i really cant remember what the fillings are. It is definitely safe to say that this sushi dish is delicious.

The next entree we had was the pan - seared beef slices with salad and the salad dressing.

A donburi dish otherwise known as a rice dish.
My friend ordered this and truthfully i have no idea whether it was chicken or pork. I was told this dish was delicious and special in its own unique way.

I was feeling under the weather and therefore opted for soba noodles in light broth with wild vegetables. I think it is one of the better soba noodles i have tasted. The broth was definitely light in taste but somehow the delicate flavours of the soba noodles and the vegetables gave it a good hint of flavors.
To end the meal, we opted for tiramisu to share. The mascaporne cheese in the tiramisu was really creamy and tasty. The sweetness was just right and this dessert is just the perfect way to end the meal. Or you can always opt for something really light like the tofu cheesecake that is also low in calories.

The total bill came up to SGD $ 85 for 2 pax.

I am sorry that the items are not labelled with prices and correct and exact description of the dishes. I was never a food blogger that is sensitive to price and details, but now that i have taken up this responsibility as of today, i will definitely note down the prices and description and taste.
As this was a sudden decision to start blogging about food, i just randomly pick some restaurant that i have patronize recently. Bare with me till i start getting the real gist about food blogging.

Vivocity, Singapore
Reservations 6275 8766
open daily from 11.30 am till 11.00 pm
Other outlets are located in Suntec City and Far East Square with different operating hours to note.

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Nancy said...

i think u should name the food to let us know what is it.. this is just a suggestion... and maybe the price at the end.. just like what angeline and monica is doing.. ;)

Snifff said...

Hi Nancy,

Sorry that the previous post was posted whilst still in the draft version. Definitely an error there. Will do better next time =)


Angeline said...

Wohoo! Love your post, you're truely a blogger. Thank you for joining us as a great to have you

Monica said...

Wow!! Your post is great!!

Snifff said...

Thanks ange and monica!
Heheh hope i'll be inspired to blog more!
Glad to be part!

Anonymous said...

the seared beef is actually tuna, just thought you should know.

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