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Oriole Cafe and Bar, Somerset Singapore

Snifff Wednesday, December 16, 2009 , , ,
What's your Sunday brunch normally like?

Personally, I'll never have a typical breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Sunday is extra special for me because i look forward to my Sunday brunch. The day will normally start off with a good sweaty power yoga session. After yoga, I'll make dates with my friend on where to brunch and thankfully enough, I'll always get my way! A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try this place in Somerset! Well, Somerset is located right next to Orchard. Oriole is located at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites. It is crazy but i was just there the night before for dinner with another friend and i found the place to be very cosy and comfortable. Unfortunately, i forgot to snap pictures of my food that i had for dinner but i had the "harissa prawns, romaine, chickpeas, tomato, mint, pomegranate dressing S$13" and my friend had "bangers & mash grilled pork sausages, onion, gravy S$15". The mains were delicious but i still prefer the dessert which we had which was "bread & butter pudding with warm cozy vanilla sauce S$ 8.5"! If you are looking for a relaxing fuzz free and cozy ambiance, this is probably a place you can "consider". If I am not wrong, the oriole Angus burger and fish and chips which my friend had tasted before is palatable as well.

Perhaps it is easy to miss out this little cafe unless you know of its existence because it is located at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites which exterior is shown at the picture below.

Lets take a look at interior of Oriole! Isn't it beautiful? Well, personally I love it! Its not pretentious, i love the rustic look and the lighting are just beautiful! Well, before i go on about my food, let me tell you a little about Oriole!

They serve very good coffee! Why? Well the head barista here is the Singapore National Barista Champion in 2009. Is that not a good enough indication? Oriole also has an impressive list of yummy cocktails like the Espresso martini, Kaffir lime mojito, frozen strawberry pepper margarita and passion fruit caipirinha.

A little note: Happy hour is from 5-8pm, Sunday-Thursday.

I love the stylish contemporary setting!
I think I am sucka for nice quirky interior decor!

Don't get me wrong, I eat at five foot way and hawker centers everyday but when the weekend comes, it is a place i try to avoid and it is the time i pamper myself.

Love the swirly lighting! And maybe one day I'll also have a shelf with an assortment of wines and books.

They have the usual food in the menu or you can also opt any food from the Sunday brunch menu. The pricing is very much similar to the pricing in Australia.

But portion wise, definitely nothing compared to the Oz way of serving!

Is the coffee really that good? Or am i just exaggerating. Being a coffee lover and having tasted good coffee in Melbourne (the city of lattes and what not), I can attest to the quality of coffee that is being served here. The milk was frothy and creamy and you can still taste the milky and creamy flavour of the milk. A little insight of what a temperature of a good milk should be heat up to... roughly 60-65 degrees. If it is too hot, you'll burnt the milk and risk having to taste awful coffee. It should be readily drinkable (not burning hot) when it is being served to you.

When the coffee is served to you in a heart shape pointing your way, it definitely puts a smile on one's face.

My brunch partner had the cubano roast pork, ham, pickles, melted cheddar, chilli mayo, pressed baguette that is priced a S$ 14. Yes it may be at a slightly higher price but you do get very good quality ingredients. You know something is good and worth the money when you put it in your mouth and it brings a smile to your face. Or at least, that was what i witnessed when she took her first bite of the sandwich. I guess anything that comes with melted cheese and delightfully sinful mayo will tantalize anyone's taste bud. (Unless you have a strong dislike for cheese. )

Well as for my Eggs Benedict that is priced at S$14, it is nothing to shout about. It did satisfy my craving for anything eggs and hollandaise but i felt it was lacking in something. That mojo factor that makes me go "yummmmm". But otherwise, it did a good enough job to make my tummy happy. Perhaps its the lack of sides or the presentation that is bare in comparisons to the one's i have had? (will insert picture later for comparison when i dig out my pictures from my old album! I am pretty sure i have it in there somewhere the awesome "Eggs Benedict" that i have tasted thus far)

But what is so special about Egg Benedict? Or perhaps what is Egg Benedict for those of you who have not tasted it? Basically it is poached eggs (whereby the yolk is very much runny still) served on toasted muffin/ciabatta/toast with Ham slices and topped with the heavenly Hollaindaise sauce. And then the next question is, what is "hollandaise" sauce? Well according to wikipedia "Hollandaise sauce is an emulsion of butter and lemon juice using egg yolks as the emulsifying agent, usually seasoned with salt and a little black pepper or cayenne pepper. It is a French sauce, so named because it was believed to have mimicked a Dutch sauce" ! There you go, now you know what a hollandaise sauce is. So can you actually imagine soaking your bread with the sauce of eggs and hollandaise sauce and ham!? It is heavenly, at least to me =) My favorite part of eating this dish is piercing my knife through the egg and have the runny egg yolk mixing with the rich creamy hollandaise sauce ! Almost orgasmic like!

Reminder! Must put pictures of other eggs benedict that i have eaten! This is pale in comparison! The search for a satisfying eggs benedict in singapore continues... any suggestions?

But all in all, you can never go wrong with the coffee in Oriole. Price is reasonable considering the quality of food you are getting and definitely a good place to just chill out if it is not too crowded. Otherwise risk talking a bit louder to be heard. Did i mention it is very dim at night? Herm potentially a good place to take your date to?

Somerset Road#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Tel: +65 6238 8348
Opening hours
Mon–Sat:11.30am 11pm

Sun:10.30am – 11pm

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