Krishna's Fish Curry (Indian cuisine) 21Aug2010 Lunch

Millenium, same row with CKS Supermarket.

A continuation of our HK friends 9days trip to KK. Sorry for being MIA for so long as I was away from KK for more than half an month of September to KL (for attending friend's wedding) and subsequently, family trip to ShenZhen. Just landed and touched down at KK last night... exhausted!!!!!

21 August 2010, after having breakfast of fish noodles and tom yam at Kedai Kopi Janggut at Hilltop, we headed for a tour to few places such as KDCA, St Michael Church etc etc... Everyone were sweating badly at this hot weather but somehow with each other companion and laughter, we all still enjoying to the bits. :)

Not too hungry and since we planned to bring our HK to Lembah Impian Country Homes in Penampang, we decided to have something simple but special at Millenium area. We picked Krishna's Fish Curry for its Roti and fish head curry.

Surprisingly, everyone LOVE the food at this shop, including all the kids. Kids all time favourite - MILO and now Roti Telur (egg) and Roti Susu (milk). As for adult, everyone were working so hard on fish head curry, assorted vegetables, fried squail, mutton curry, beef curry etc etc...

What we always like bout this shop is that the food is FRESH and FLAVOURFUL. Even a simple roti itself, can taste real plain but crispy and not oily. Also, need to compliment on its dhal gravy and also fish curry that come with the roti. Plain dhal is rather plain but rich of dhal taste, whereas the fish curry is bit spicy but rich of the fresh fish taste. Both go well with roti, depends on each's preference.

Roti Canai

Milo Ping (Kids' all-time-favourite)

Teh Tarik Madras with ginger

Roti Susu

Roti Tissue

Roti Telur

Everyone were busy eating but still could smile for the camera... :)

By looking at the empty plates on the table, could already guess how satisfied were all our guests. :)

Total bill paid: RM150.00
(too busy eating and didn't even notice our Mr Lee went over to the counter to settle the bill till he was back. Mr Lee still made fun with us and said the boss was kind enough to discount him RM3.50 off the original price RM153.50. )


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