Kevin & Joanne's Wedding Party @ The Kinabalu Club

Tagging along with Jack, I went to his ex-schoolmate's wedding party. It was my first time meeting Kevin and Joanne, the sweet couple who's going to tie the knot soon.
The Sweet Couple
Both Kevin and Joanne are working at Singapore currently. While Kevin is a Sabahan, Joanne was from Kedah. It was fate that brought them together. They enrolled to the same college and from there, they get to meet each other. Throughout the years, their love blossoms and they became a couple. Going through the ups and downs in life together for 6 years before they finally decided to tie the knot.
The Kinabalu Club had never crossed my mind when comes to food. Little do I know that they organize functions and serves decent food. I'm not sure whether I was too hungry or the food really tasted good but couldn't be deny, the taste of some of the dishes was not bad. 
Fried Prawns
The prawns was lightly coated with batter and fried till golden brown. The juiciness coupled with the sweet flavour of the prawns' succulent flesh made it really easy for us to love it.
Roasted Chicken
Sorry for the low quality of photo due to my shaky hand. The Roasted Chicken was kind of disappointing as some parts of the chicken wasn't cooked.
Sweet and Sour Fish
As it is buffet style, the deep-fried fish fillet was a little soggy after soaking in the sweet and sour sauce for quite some times. However, the taste of the Sweet and Sour Fish was not bad.
Stir-fry Broccoli
Minced chicken with Japanese Tofu
Mushroom Soup
My pick; a bits of everything
Dessert; Longan and Pudding
Vanilla Cookie with Marshmallow Fondant (made by Phyllis)
Jack and Wilfred with their Cookies!


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