Natural Kitchen Shabu Shabu @ Suria Sabah

Natural Kitchen Shabu Shabu
Visit reviewed: 16/09/2010
Food: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Services: 0/5
Disclaimer: This is based on our personal dining experienced. Our unlucky day!!!
I can't believe I am posting this, I deleted most of the photos cause I don't felt like promoting their restaurant but I managed to stop deleting all the photos. Unlucky day for us, bad services! No doubt the food here are really quality good food but the way their old lady server treating us like beggar, kept staring  at us when we eat and when I want to order some extra side dish, she rudely, reluctantly entertain us, so I decided not to add anything. I don't think I'll step my foot in here again. I regreted stepping in here, should listen to Monica, just have KFC for lunch, after all me and Jack already eaten, we are accompanying her for lunch. Sorry sis, I thought it was better to blog about this restaurant, our day could have been better if I listen to you.

Well, maybe is just not our day! You guys should go and try it out, really good shabu shabu, many choices of soup and quite a selections of sauce available for self-service. I'll give thumbs up for the food! But for me good food must be accompany with good services as well. Again, don't take my words for it, maybe is just us, unlucky day, can't have good day all the time right?

From the restaurant, we then went for a movie on 8th Floor, GSC Suria. After a good movie "Devil", we felt better, our day was not that bad though!

Total paid for Shabu-Shabu, RM72.05 (RM58 for 22 person Set Meal, RM3 for add 1 Tom Yam Soup, RM1.50 for 3 cold water, RM3.00 for 3 wet towel and RM6.55 for Service Charge, we paid for lousy services, hooray!!!)

Eat at Kopitiam and Mamak Stall also get better services, cheaper and better!

Above is the receipt, they charge us RM1 for per wet towel, worst still it was never given to us, we actually went back to the restaurant and ask for it. If we have paid for it then we must use it, our hand were dirty cause we used it to peel the prawns shell. For our RM58 set meal (serving 2 person), included 1 set of fresh fruit and 2 set of dessert was never serve to us. This is our bad day dining out! Unlucky day!

On today 16th Sept'10 The Star newspaper page N24, a Cafe/Restaurant owner in Tanjung Tokong is being sue for charging RM1 over a glass of warm water without diplaying the price in the menu. If convicted, under the Price Control Act 1946, the owner can be fined up to RM15,000 or maximum of 2 years jail or both, while company can be fined up to RM25,000.

Fresh Fruits and Dessert was never serve to us, we paid but didn't get it!

Clean setting and more hygienic to eat this way

Selections of sauce

RM3.00 extra charge for Jack's Tom Yam soup cause our set meal only included 2 soup
This is good, hot and spicy, not too sour. Thumbs up!
I choose mushroom soup and Monica choose bonito soup
Soup was flavourful, light and good, no msg. Just add salt if you like yours to be more salty.
Seafood and Beef slices Set for 2
Quality fresh ingredient!

2 set of Mixed Pot Platter
Fresh vegetables, egg, choice of meehoon or mee, serving size is quite large for one person

Disclaimer: This is based on our personal dining experienced. Our unlucky day!!!


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