Nasi Padang Ibu @ Jesselton Point

Jesselton Point
Nasi Padang Ibu - Restoran Asli Indonesia
88617 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-222599
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Visit reviewed: 6/09/2010
I have to drop by town tonight for banking and getting a few loaves of bread from Tong Hing Supermarket. I personally think wholemeal bread from Tong Hing are good quality, bought 4 loaves, I'll finish one loaf in two day. Can't think of where else to eat in town, so we just stop by Jesselton Point for dinner. Nasi Padang restaurant here are pretty good, we were lucky that we came late, earlier during buka puasa hour it was fulled. Although not much dishes left for us to choose but we still manage to pick some of our favourite, quite is better, more relaxing.

 Taadaa! This is what I order for 2 person dining, haha, gotta stretch my stomach tonight!
Ayam Gulai, RM8.00
Although it was chicken breast, meat was not tough, tasted good together with the gravy
Sayur Nangka, RM4.00
Nicely flavour with santan
Ikan Goreng, RM3.50
Very crispy, I ate the bone too.
Ikan Kembung Panggang, RM3.50
Must dip with the red sambal to enhance the flavour
Ayam Goreng Sambal, RM8.00
Chicken was a bit dry and chewy, but I guess this is how it suppose to be
Udang Sambal, RM7.00
Fresh prawn, coated with sweet and spicy sambal
Sotong Gulai, RM9.00
Cuttlefish was not tough, the texture just nice, light gulai gravy, good!
Sambal Merah, RM2.00
Not too hot, enhance the flavour of dishes
2 x Nasi Putih, RM3.00
2 x Ice Blended Kasturi, RM10.00
Extremely thirst quenching and refreshing
Total paid for dinner, RM63.80
Selection of dishes
Outdoor seat

Restoran Nasi Padang Ibu will be close for 2 weeks for Hari Raya!

Starting from 7th September - 24th September
(Chef going back to Indonesia to celebrate Hari Raya)


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