Kedai Kopi Tenom @ Damai

Kedai Kopi Tenom
Location: Same row of shop with Fook Yuen
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5 
Kedai Kopi Tenom used to be our favourite place for dinner before our blog started. We used to dine-in at least 3 times a week, ordering the same monotonous dishes. Yes, it is boring but we just love it. I guessed this is the cheapest "Tai Chow" place in KK. If you are a budget eater, you'll never be disappointed with the food and the prices at Kedai Kopi Tenom.
Thai Style Fish Slices
The fish slices were fried till really crispy. It was topped with Thai Chili sauce, shredded cucumber, shredded chili and pineapple cubes. This mouth watering dish will keep you eating more rice. Previously, I used to hate the fishy taste of the fish slices here but this time around, I was surprised as the fish slices tasted fresh and good. It seems like they had made an improvement on the quality of the food.
Stir-fry Bittergourd with Beef in Black Bean Sauce
It was delicious! The beef was so tender and smooth. The bittergourd was well-cooked and it doesn't taste too raw nor too soggy. Bittergourd and beef stir-fry with black bean sauce was really a good combination. Both the bittergourd and beef had infused the taste of the black beans. Flavourful yet not too salty.
Sze Chuan Soup
Sze Chuan Soup is one of our favourite dish. Somehow, after trying out so many restaurants, we still preferred the Sze Chuan Soup here. It had the right hints of flavours. The mouth-watering sourish taste from vinegar and the spiciness taste from chili just goes really well in the soup. Used egg and tapioca flour to thicken the soup with the combination of tofu, shredded mushroom and seafood as ingredients.
The prices of the three dishes including two plates of rice are unbelievably cheap. It only cost RM18.00.
Total = RM18.00
The place had been upgraded. New roof-top had been build.


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