Shui Kee Restaurant - Choy Kee Gou Lou Famous Fish Head Noodle and Tom Yam Seafood, Jalan Alor

Shui Kee Restaurant, Jalan Alor
Choy Kee Noodle Stall
Gou Lou Famous Fish Head Noodle and Tom Yam Seafood
Business hours: 7:00am - 4:00pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Food: 4.5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 25/09/2010
 Choy Kee Gou Lou Famous Fish Head Noodle and Tom Yam Seafood
 Great Services and fast!!!
 Fried Fish
 Big pot of Fish Broth
I discovered this place 2 years ago, while I worked at Pavilion one of my colleague from Hong Kong brought me here for lunch. Then I brought my family and many of my friends to eat here, they all like the fish head noodle and curry noodle here very much. Because of the heavy traffic in this area, I hardly make a trip here but if you are here already don't forget to try it out! My top and favourite restaurant for fish head noodle...tell me, if I'm wrong
 Fish Head Noodle (Option of Thick Vicemelli or Thin Vicemelli and Fried Fish Head or Non-fried Fresh Fish Head) RM5.00
The soup tasted so good with a touch of carnition milk, I find it taste better with thick vicemelli, fish head was nice, no fishy smell.
Tom Yam Fish Head Mee Hoon, RM6.50
You can opt. for seafood but I like it with fried fish head, very flavourful and spicy tom yam soup, aromatic, lots of kafir leave, simply mouth watering and delicious
I hardly make a trip here, so I have to order all my favourite today, 2 of us eating 3 bowl of noodle
Curry MeeHoon, RM5.50
The best curry laksa for me and mum agreed too! Serve with pork skin, curry chicken, tofu pok, fresh crockle and long bean. Very nice curry soup, you can tell is made from the fresh blended spices, were then fried till fragrant in a hot wok and add to the broth for boiling. Love this as well!
 Sar Lei Si Mui Drink, RM2.50, 100Plus, RM2.00 and Cendul, RM2.00
Cendul is a must order drink, popular order here.
Our Lunch only cost RM23.50...very satisfying meal

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