My cycling buddy in KL "Breadpitt the Patissier"

I would like to introduce Breadpitt (not his real name) to you all, one of my indoor cycling buddy in Celebrity Fitness KL. You'll never know who you'll met in the same room, I find interesting people all the time, maybe exercise or being active really make our brain function better. He's a very talented Patissier, creative and hardworking. He will always turn up late to the cycling class carrying a backpack, guess why? Rushing over to the gym after work. I don't know how he manage to join 2 class after a long day at work, the funny thing is, he never bring water bottle with him to the cycling class, I'll die dehydrated without water, haha! Have a look at his work...really interesting!
About Breadpitt   My job is to cheat guest money by using a large plate , drawing few line , accompany with a individual pastry top with a piece of chocolate cut out and telling them that's a piece of art, charging them RM40++ for that art, muhahaha! thats another way introducing myself as a pastry chef!!!!!!  Log on to the link below for  its good to received a cake order ....provided i had time. Its always a joy and a pleasure . For this time...its a bit different when its requested to be GLUTEN FREE , and dairy product free, acidic fruit free. feels a bit like hand been tide up , its fun though somehow makes my brain runs a bit .NON DAIRY WHIPPED had made its way to slip through this time as i had to use it fact of its non dairy value,That's what it meant to be for the first place, layered with hazelnut daqoise, topped with my long left fellow Macarons, you are still hard to! thank god, had to keep myself aware of those 3 forbided things.
thanks Christine for ordering. Always feel good when after its delivered safely
Glacage Chocolate
People been asking, whats the chocolate I'm using for those cake that had mirror like effect and asking for recipe. ok, its not a big deal nor its a bazaar thing..but i will try to explain more about it on this post. ok...those shinny glaze are actually called glacage chocolate in french ,its a very common covering for Entremet gateaux ( multi layer cake ) , the beauty of it ..well , i assumed people who seen it will know....yes, the mirror like clean touch appearance . Recipe wise, it usually contains chocolate couverture , cocoa powder, gelatin , water , sugar , glucose and cream , these are few basic ingredient that will appear on the recipe.depends on the recipe , name might be different, some will claim it as cocoa gel or chocolate glaze ..etc...but most of the time it serve for the same purpose ,For a glossy finishing . Try to identify according to ingredients .most of the recipe rely on the gelatin as a setting agent , chocolate or cocoa powder for enhancing the flavour and colour , cream and sugar for glossy and silky texture, still there is some cases when a recipe that is not using gelatin as setting agent rather than relying on cooking the sugar and water to control its density ( as water and sugar thickens due to cooking process 110'C above ). this kind of glaze Its seldom seen in local cake shop and and bakery , only hotel pastry were using it. cake shop and and bakery usually will replace with chocolate Ganache, because its easier to handle . Glacage chocolate can turn NASTY and messy if not dealing properly , temperature for the cake and the glaze its self its the key to obtain a final CLEAN TOUCH . Too cold, will cause a very thick coating , and clumsy looking appearance , if too hot, glaze will be too thin until it cant hold its shape properly on the glazed cake and the flow off from cake leaving the edges exposed , especially glazing round whole cake , cake that to be glazed should be proper frozen. recommended ideal temperature for the glaze ready to use is around 30-35, depending on situation and the glaze recipe, it might had some vary on its glazing temperature as different recipe will lead the glaze to have different behavior , so you have to practice to understand more the glaze you are using .
cream 200g sugar 300g glucose syrup 250g water 180g( divide half to dissolve gelatin) gelatin 20g cocoa powder 100g (quality cocoa powder like varlhona , Cacao barry will give a redish colour and flavorful end result) 1) mix gelatin and 80g water ,set aside 2) sift cocoa powder , set aside 3) heat the sugar , cream and 90g water from the total weight of 180g water until boil 3) remove from heat , add glucose followed by sifted cocoa powder, lastly add in gelatin into the hot mixture , mix well. 4 ) strain , and chill overnight to rest it before using TO USE 1)the glaze will be in jelly like texture form , melt with a bain marie or carefully with a microwave until liquid and no trace of lump 2) rest to cool down until 28-33 'c to glaze on cake , cake to be glazed should be proper frozen. 3) gently rub away the ice on top on the cake , use a cling film to remove the SKIN that forms on the glaze due to cooling process, do a gentle swirl motion to further remove air bubbles 4) lift the cake with a can or other object smaller than the diameter of the cake underneath it , secure the work area with a cling film, glaze and with a help of spatula , push of the excess glaze by moving spatula back and forward motion (might take some practice for beginners )..... 5) once the glaze stop to be runny, fold the bottom edge with a spatula inwards , carefully transfer to cake board 6) collect the excess glaze that drip around the cling film setup earlier , and strain off impurities to store for further use ( glaze can be reuse few time ) sorry for the humble explanation and horrible grammar .............;-p HAPPY GLAZING
the other usage that we discovered last time...AS MIRROR
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Aya Nina said…
Aik? He also baked macaroons for Su from Delectable by Su! ;)
Angeline said…
Really, I like macaroons and Delectable cupcake, hmm miss KL food now!
Breadpitt said…
hey Angeline , thanks for featuring my blog....what i dint know its that i gave you this kind of impression in cycling studio..hahaha..turn up late because was traffic around MV , dint bring water bottle because i have too many things to carry already.yet still survive after 2 class..hahaha...aiks dint know you like Macarons too

Aya.....yup, i do baked something with Su sometimes ;-)

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