Kedai Kopi Hilltop

Kedai Kopi Hilltop / Restaurant Hilltop
Hilltop, facing the main road Jalan Lintas,
next to Prudential Building.

It was my uncle's 60th BIG birthday. It's my family tradition now to celebrate when there's someone's birthday. Hence, how could we miss this GOOD chance to " eat till explode"?? hahahaha...

This round they picked Kedai Kopi Hilltop, considering the varieties of food available. The host s a.k.a my uncle and aunty didn't have any special idea what to order. Hence, it ended up like everyone ordered their own favourite dish and believe me, we all ate till 'almost die'.... and still got left over to tapao home. :P
Fried Dumpling
Fried Meehoon in Fish Sauce
Their signature fried meehoon. Must try as it is a HIT in the restaurant. No matter how other restaurant fried this meehoon/noodle in this style, still the best in this shop. You can choose to have chilli padi to be in the meehoon or not. Or you could for not spicy at all or super spicy. Very very fragrantly good meehoon and of course tasted GOOD too...
Fried Mee in Fish Sauce
Even both meehoon and mee were fried in fish sauce, they tasted distinctively and differently though. Both were great and nice but in their own style. Some people like meehoon, some people like mee. Hence, we ordered BOTH. hahaha
Beef Slices in Black Bean Sauce
Assam Curry Fish
We always order this dish when we dined there as it was so appetizing. A bit sourish but not too spicy curry. The main point is the fish slices were fresh. Combination of this with some vegetables.... yummy~~~
Tauhu with Seafood in Claypot
Seafood were fresh. Plain and nice~
Sweet and Sour Pork
Again, simple and nice. Pork cubes were fried until crispy and good thing was not soaked in the sauce till soggy. Served hot and yummy~
Prawns in Dried Milk Butter Sauce
The milk and butter sauce was fried until crispy. The prawns were fresh. We seldom order this dish in this restaurant. Surprisingly it was good except that the milk and butter sauce was bit too salty to my liking.
Sliced Pork Belly in Portugese Style
This is also one of their signature dish. Guess we couldn't find this dish in other shop. That's why it is called "signature dish". :) The pork belly was not too "fat". With the right amount of fatness and chewiness, served with red grapes sauce and fresh red grapes, it was not oily at all. Appetizing dish and couldn't have enough of it. :)
"Mustard vege" in crab meat gravy
My dad specially ordered this, guess he was craving for it. Again, simple and nice dish. :)
Stewed Pork with green vege
To me, this dish was just OK. Prob we had too many dishes and I'm not a fan for this dish all these while.
Knowing the birthday MAN is a durian fan. I ordered durian cake from Lorrine.
Look at the thickness of the cake... and imagine the super duper lotsa of durian in it. WOW.... wonderful and heavenly GOOD~~~
Total bill paid excluding cake: RM330.00


Aya Nina said…
can gimme Lorrine's number? i might want to order her durian cake in the future :)

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