Sembulan Ramadhan Bazaar

For those who were unaware, there is also a Ramadan Bazaar at Sembulan. According to Jack, the bazaar at Sembulan is already well-known to the locals here. While we planned to buy some food from Asia City Bazaar, we didn't miss the chance to check out the bazaar at Sembulan as well.
Wow! RM2.90 Nasi Beriyani
Freshly Grind Sugar Cane
Nasi Ayam and Laksa Penang
Rice and Bubur 
 Sotong Kangkung and Yong Tau Foo
Fried Noodle and Rice
Chicken Wings
Kuih Bingkar, Pastries and Fried Snacks
Nasi Lemak
Mee Rojak
Laksa Penang
Cucur Udang
Tauhu Sayur
Drinks or Desserts
ABC Gula Melaka
ABC Syrup
ABC Cincau
 Tarts and puffs
Fruit Stall
Mountain Durian
I don't like the tast of this fruit, acquire taste
Ha! I love this a lot
Duku Langsat
My Mum like this
Rice and Lauk
Coconut, dessert and drinks
Murtabak, Apam Balik and Fried Snack
Hygenic. Malay Kuih Stall
 Wow! Malay also can make Bachang "Chinese Glutinous Dumpling"
Here, starts all the BBQ
Noodle, rice and side dishes
Fried Fritters
Gado Gado
We bought gado-gado for take away from here. It was delicious. Contained lots of vegetables.
Snack Stall
We bought Kuih Terang Bulan it, not too much planta, just the way we like it
Yau Tio
Tau Sa Piang
Fried Stuff coated with Kaya
Prawn Fritter

Our plan, buy some take away from Sembulan and Asia City then head to the Likas Beach side for some picnic. 
After that, we drove to Asia City Ramadhan Bazaar. 

Zaminah Curry House
We bougt take away from here. Nasi Briyani and Murtabak Ayam
Bought 1 packet of grilled chicken thigh rice from this stall
XL Burger Stall
This is what we back here for. Bought 2 normal size burger and 1 XL burger, difference of RM1 only. It's a patty not whole piece of chicken, tasted ok but not reaching the wow factor yet!
Having our very late lunch, almost dinner time at Likas beach side. Jack's XL Burger...woooh huge
Here I come...gonna chump...chump....'s a patties not whole meat, mixture of flour, veggie, meat and egg...hmmm but not bad
 Ok, this is mine, original size burger accompany with some nice sea view


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