Borneo Wild Restaurant 20Aug2010 Welcome Dinner

Borneo Wild Restaurant
Jalan Bundusan, Penampang.

We have planned this welcome dinner since we knew our HK friends were coming for visit. Already planned wanna bring them for all the good food and drink in KK. More like an 'intensive' trip. :)

Since we are regular patron at Borneo Wild Restaurant, how could we not bring them here to savour all the yummilicious food. Initially was thinking to order all those 'exotic' food, but thinking that we may come back twice to this restaurant, my uncle came out with an idea of buying fresh seafood from market and get the Chef in Borneo Wild to cook for us. We asked the Boss of Borneo Wild and he said OK.

Then, there our plan went. My mum went to the wet market and managed to get us TWO HUGE fish... one is garoupa and another one is "hung chao" (if I remember correctly). My mum also managed to get 2 types of prawns - medium size and big size one. Afraid that the seafood may not enough, my uncle himself went for another round of seafood shopping and bought another big fish - Zhu Bei (pig nose), not sure what fish is this but highly recommended by the fishmonger that the Zhu Bei fish is a very meaty fish but with tender meat. So, my uncle decided to give a try on this.

My uncle sent in the seafood to the restaurant earlier in the afternoon so that they could start to prepare it out as our dinner was at 7pm.

New dishes
Kit Chai Ping - always a hit for the adults coz could hardly get kit chai in Hong Kong.
Steamed Crabs with egg
The only word to describe is FRESH. Very very simple and plain dish but because of the freshness of the crabs, the whole dish tasted sweet and fresh.
'Guai Wei' Chicken (Funny Taste Chicken)
One of the new dishes of the restaurant. Though the name is funny, but it didn't taste funny at all. But in fact very flavourful. The Chef served the dish on a piece of lotus leaf before placed on the sizzling plate. tadaaaa... very strong smell and taste of lotus leaf (prob one of the secret recipe of this dish ya ;P ) The chicken itself was tender and well marinated. A good combination dish.
Steamed Kampung Chicken
Again, I love this dish very much. The chicken itself was not oily that I could even swallow in the skin (tough I know it was not healthy at all). The Chef has steamed it to the right 'cookness' and the meat was tender but not rough. Yummy... thumbs up!~~~ again, another SUCCESSFUL dish with fresh ingredients but simple cooking.
Stew Garoupa Fish Head in Bean Paste
A very flavourful dish. Stewed long enough that the bean paste and the fish head really 'merged'. But prob becoz of the longer cooking time, the fish head tend to be too soft and turned into loose pieces. Nevertheless, it was still a yummy dish.
Steam Zhu Bei Fish in soya sauce (topped with mushroom and pork slices)
A very hongkish style of steaming fish, just like the way my mum likes to steam fishes. Nothing much to comment - FRESHNESS is the main point. Fresh, no pungent smell. GOOD~~~
Stir Fried Local Vege in GarlicSimple. Nothing to shout about. But it was a special vege to the HK friends as they definitely couldn't find this vege in HK.
Prawns in Shao Xin Wine 绍兴酒
Initially, we wanted the prawns to be cooked in rice wine 黄酒 which I have one good one in the fridge. But we have forgotten to bring along to the restaurant. So the Chef had to got it cook in Shao Xin Wine instead. Still, it was a very delicious dish. Even the Shao Xin wine was not a strong wine like rice wine, but it still brought out the freshness taste of the prawns. Was a HIT dish of the night. :)
Prawns in Assam Sauce
Not very sure of the sauce actually but it was a bit spicy. A very refreshing and tasty dish with hints of spicy and sourish. Even so, could still taste the freshness of the prawns. :) But my instinct told me everyone seemed to be loving the shao xin wine prawns more. :)
Needless to mention, everyone ate till fullest. It's hard to resist yummilicious food right? :P

Not going to mention how much was the meal as it was meant to be a welcome dinner from us the Host to all our HK friends. And, I know few of our HK friends do read this blog on and off now.

As for the readers, if you have some fresh seafood but got no idea how to cook them up, you can always bring it to this restaurant and get the Chef to do the cooking for you. Believe me, they charge very decent and I would say cheap price for the service only.


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