The Green Connection Aquarium @ Likas

Open daily: Regular hour From 10am -6pm, Last entry 4.30pm
Location: Badan Sukarelawan Complex, KM2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas Sabah
Jack got to know about The Green Connection Aquarium from his colleague recently. During last Sunday morning, we brought Jacqueline, Jack's sister to visit the aquarium. The entrance fee for adult is RM15.00 while for children is RM7.00. 

For your information, The Green Connection Aquarium is a new eco-attraction in Likas which showcases the amazing biodiversity and habitats of Sabah. It also includes a science and discovery center with interactive hands-on modules which are not only fun but educational.
It was a truly valuable visit we had made. Jacqueline love the place and we are sure that she learned a lot during the visit. The kids get an up close and personal with the animals; from amphibian such as frog to reptiles and sea creatures.
Half of the site are outdoors and shady, so, it feels a little hot during the day.

For those who are interested to challenge their courage, you'll have the chance to hold a snake and snap some photos.

Three different size of snakes (small, medium and large) were available for visitors to get an up close and personal touch. Jacqueline and I were afraid of snakes, so, we just watched from far.
Cute little clown fish and turtles are more of my type of animals that I would like to see.
Even the very rare and dangerous species of snake is avaiable.
It was our first time seeing the Anemone from the back.
The weather was so hot and we decided to take a break with some ice-cream before continue our journey. The ice cream was so refreshing and cooling!!
Dangerous Stone Fish, can u spot it?
Entering the indoor area...

Below are some of the photos of the sea creatures that 'open for personal touch'. I mean you can put your hand in the tank and touch the sea creatures if you like.
We were about to enter to the Science Discovery Centre. Kids get to explore the hands-on interactive modules that stimulate their understanding of science and nature in a fun way.
We spend about 90mins playing games at the centre.
Cute hamsters!!
Fish feeding show are available everyday at 11.30am and 4.30pm. Since we are a little early, Jacqueline get to take some photos with the diver and fishes.

When the show started, a representative staff will do the explanation. Besides educational purpose, their main reason was also to create awareness about the importance of nature reservation.


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