Mee and Cake House @1Borneo

Mee and Cake House
Location: opposite foodcourt
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Whenever we had visitors coming to KK, Ngiu Chap is one of the food that we will recommend to our guests (besides seafood). However, for those well-known Ngiu Chap's places, it is not conveniently accessible to most tourists. Mee and Cake House which had two branches in KK, located at Wisma Merdeka and 1Borneo(recently), serves a rather good Ngiu Chap in KK. It is not the best but couldn't be deny that their popularity had significantly increased. With it convenient location, tourists can get to try our local delicacy easily.
Ngiu Chap Noodle (Dry), RM6.00
It is more recommendable to order the Ngiu Chap Noodle (Dry). This is because the stewed beef's gravy made the noodle's sauce tasted extra flavourful. The beef was undeniably tender and had a really nice spices' aroma. For extra "oomph..." factor, extra hot chili sauce should be added to the noodle during consumption.
Ngiu Chap Meehoon Soup, RM6.00
The Soup version was not bad as well. It was fragrantly good with beef stew's flavour. The nice beef stew is actually the soul of the whole bowl of Ngiu Chap.
Located opposite 1Borneo Foodcourt


Mas Light said…
Eh? OMFG they got a branch in 1B?! This is great news! But the aunty is at Wisma Branch?
lambchop* said…
Can you please check out the Bamboo Ngiu Chap at Jalan Kobusak? ..seems like a lot of ppl eat there, it opened somewhere in July.
Monica said…
Ok..Jalan have the shop name or any specification of where the shop location?

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