Sri Maju Steamboat "Loong Dan Fish" @ Asia City

Sri Maju Steamboat
Location: Next to Fook Yuen
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
A week ago, I received an email from Cactus Kit, the admin of, regarding their Makan Mission trip to Sandakan. A night before heading to Sandakan, they will be dropping by in KK, hence, they wouldn't want to miss the good chance of having good food in KK. Angeline and I planned a 'welcoming' dinner for them at Sri Maju Steamboat which is just located across the street of their hotel.
The frozen "Loong Dan" (Grouper) Fish
Instead of having the normal Steamboat, we reserved the special Grouper Fish Steamboat for the dinner. The owner was kind enough to show us some parts of the frozen fish.
The huge fish immediately caught everyone attentions
Loong Dan Steamboat
Recommended by the owner, the fish steamboat shouldn't mix with other ingredients (i.e. prawns) as it will kill the taste of the fish. So, what's so special about the fish? The meaty fish not only tasted fresh and nice on its own, the thick fish skin also had a nice texture. The broth was so flavourful as well. Simple and nice.
The best part of the fish is the 'tail'. The skin was soft and flavourful.

Yam Rice
Yam Rice is one of the signature dish of the restaurant. Flavourful rice with yam chunks and chicken meat as ingredients, topped with fried onion and spring onion for the extra aroma.

What'll happen when a group of foodies got together?

Behind the scene...
While the 'makan kakis' at the next table had started their feast, our table which consisted mostly foodies and bloggers, were still enjoying the photo shooting.

Finally, it was time to enjoy the meal...
I'm hungry...rrrryy
The Loong Dan Fish Steamboat itself ( 7kg x RM120 per kg), cost RM840 and the whole dinner for 21 persons cost RM900. The dinner was kindly sponsored by Saracen Reef World.

The beautiful girl in the photo is Sheylara (Singapore Famous Blogger). Angeline said that her eyes can speak and will capture your heart, if you have eye contact with her in real, so guy's better watch out! If you don't believe, log on to her blog

Guest from Singapore
Angeline represented Saracen Reef World distributing name card to Hui Wen (Singapore Nuffnang Country Manager), Nicholas (Malaysia Nuffnang Country Manager), Sheylara (Singapore Famous Blogger) and Estee (Nuffnanger)
From right: Gilbert (our photographer and team member), Dr. Leslie Tay from Singapore, owner of Sri Maju Steamboat, Angeline, Monica, and Jack

Ealier today, we had our breakfast at The Penyu Restaurant  and photo shooting at Nexus Karambrunai. 

Photographed by

To learn more about Gilbert Wong Photography (click here or click on the photo above)


Sheylara said…
Wow, thank you for your kind compliment. You make me blush. And thanks for showing us to this great restaurant. It was great meeting all of you! Love your photos and your blog. Keep up the great work eating! :D
Angeline said…
Thank you for visiting our blog Sheylara, you're really adorable. Ok, we will keep eating hard. You too, keep it up! I will log on to you blog often, love your work! Hope will meet again in future :)
Sheylara said…
Thank you for being so nice and friendly, Angeline! Hope to see you guys again too!! :)
cactuskit said…
What a nice post! All of you were awesome hosts. Most of our team felt that the highlight meal of the trip was the one you hosted at Sri Maju. Simply delicious. Your team is doing a great job. Keep it up. I now tell everyone going to kk that your blog is the best resource on good food. I had a superb meal at ocean king on my return trip to kk from sandakan. The array of seafood was mind bogglingly huge. What a restaurant! : )
Angeline said…
Nice meeting you all! Thank you for complimenting our food blog, we will continue to work hard cause is part of our job to promote Sabah tourism! Glad you have enjoy your stay here, filled up your stomach with some good food in KK. Don't hesitate to contact us again. Life is great...meeting new friends...eating good food...everyday
cactuskit said…
We sure will. Hope to see all of you in Singapore soon : )
Rockett Girl said…
Thanks Gilbert, Angeline, Monica and Jack for your hospitality that night. The meal was certainly wonderful not just because we were so hungry on a rainy night but the fish, broth and yam rice was very delicious too!

This blog has very nice pictures, keep it up!
Angeline said…
Heya Rockett Girl!
Thank you for visiting our blog and yes, we'll keep working hard and eating hard, haha!

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