Kedai Kopi Janggut 21Aug2010 Breakfast

Kedai Kopi Janggut

21 August 2010 was the 3rd day of HK friends KK trip. Early morning 8am, we got the car rental people to deliver their rented Kia van to Marina Court. We had previously been mobilising 2 to 3 cars to fetch everyone in. From airport, 3 cars as there were luggages as well. Then for 20Aug2010 morning and night, managed to squeeze into 2 cars. As we need to go to National Park and Kundasang on 22 August 2010 Sunday morning after Tuaran church service, renting a van would be a better option as everyone at least could have a comfortable seat and could carry more luggage along too.

After we got the Kia van, got everything checked, off we head to Hilltop, with me following them leading the road, to Kedai Kopi Janggut. Kedai Kopi Janggut is always one of our favourite restaurant for its fish noodle and also tom yam. To start of the day, we were going for fish noodle again.

For those who can eat spicy food, they opted for Tom Yam. For those that couldn't stand spicy food, they opted for plain tomato soup.

Tom Yam Meehoon with Fried Fish Slices
My aunty and me shared this bowl of tom yam meehoon. We just love and couldn't have enough of the tom yam. Tasted sourish but not too spicy. With the hint of sourish of lime, it was indeed appetizing as well. yummmm~~~ thumbs up!~~

Tom Yam Meehoon with Fresh Fish Slices

Tom Yam Mee with Fried Fish Slices

Kon Lao Mee with Tom Yam Soup (Fresh Fish Slices)

Fried Meehoon in Fish Sauce
The eldest kid (12 years old) ordered this fried meehoon in fish sauce. Very flavourful though. I never try this meehoon at this shop before. Looking at the big prawns served with the meehoon, could already made the kid WAHHHHHH~~~ hahahaha

Fish Head Meehoon in Tomato Soup

Side Dishes : Fried Wan Tan, Fried Tauhu, Fried Beancurd Skin 腐竹皮
Served with mayonise. Very crispy and all stuffed with fish paste. Yummy~ Even my coming-2-years-old cousin also liked it. :P

Meehoon Soup with Fish Paste and Fresh Fish Slices

Tom Yam Mee (Thin type) with Fresh Prawns
After finishing all the food, we ordered one more extra bowl of this noodle but this time with prawns to get the HK friend William, whom can stand spiciness, to try it out.

Thai Style Chicken Feet and Jelly Fish
Also first time trying out this dish. Was also an appetizing dish. Was a good combination of chicken feet, jellyfish, onion, corriander and peanuts.

For the kids, we ordered a plate of plain kon lou mee and a plate of plain fried mee for them to share off. And of course, MILO PINGs to kick start of their morning. :)

No idea how much was the bill nor I know who paid for it. I could only remember fightings (again~~~) was around. :)

Added Note: My HK friend just informed me that the bill was about RM152.00 and I think I knew who won at the bill battle now... :) Also forgot to mention that all the fishes that we ordered that day was 東星班 fish (same group with garoupa fish).

Thanks Lam, Shiu and Lee families for the sumptuous breakfast... :)


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