Fook Yuen @ Gaya Street

Fook Yuen
Location: Next to Sabah Tourism Board Building
OldTown, Next to Fook Yuen
After a movie and stroll around Suria Sabah, we went back to the opening of Fook Yuan at Ground floor of Wisma Millenium, just next to Old Town. We had Nescafe ping, kitchai suam and kitchai ping. Its a self serviced restaurant so you are to pick up your order when your receipt number is called up.
Freshly Baked Bread and Cakes
Freshly made bread
Bakery inside the shop
I've heard rumours about the new concept of the Fook Yuen Cafe was actually the idea of the new generation of the owner. It is really an innovative idea and definitely better than any of those franchises cafes.
Economy Noodles and Cooked Food counter
Reasonable prices Economy Noodles
Cooked Food/Snack
Selection of cooked food
Side order
Fried Chicken
Popular snack
Dim Sum
another good restaurant hidden inside
Baba & Nyonya also located inside the shop
Our drinks; Kit Chai, Lemon with Ham Moi Drinks and Nescafe Iced
The taste of the drinks are as good as usual.
Tea time patrons
Located next to OldTown Cafe


Unknown said…
FY used to b my fav everyday brkfst place...still love their wholemeal & mixed grains bread to bits... U may also find their other branch at Asia City.
Angeline said…
Heya Kelly! Good to hear from you, still running hard in KL huh...saw your Nike records on facebook, keep it up!
MK said…
I thought it's at Menara Jubili? We are not aware of any change of name of the buiding ... Yeah! I have easy access to good quality wholemeal bread now!

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