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Wan's Kitchen @ Wisma Wanita, KK

Monica Thursday, August 26, 2010 ,

Wan's Kitchen had set-up a stall for the Ramadan Bazaar at Wisma Wanita. Although I had planned to visit the bazaar during one of the weekend, I haven't really got the chance yet. It was also because of the bad weather. Luckily, Bobidom text-ed me today and generously send some Cucur Badak and Nasi Ayam German to Citymall for me. Finally, I got to try it!
Cucur Badak (I ate few of it when I'm on my way home)
First time having Cucur Badak. Bobidom asked me to re-fry the Cucur before eating but I couldn't resist myself from trying it. Even it was cold, the Cucur Badak still tasted good. The sweet potato dough tasted a little bit sweet and the texture were soft and a little chewy, crispy when it is fresh. The fillings was fragrantly good as it was made from grated coconut cooked with spices and dried shrimps. It was like love at first bite.
Nasi Ayam German
The carrot flavoured rice was topped with fried onions. The yellowish coloured rice had a nice aroma when it is hot and tasted really good to go together with the Ayam German. The chicken dish was made from Bobidom's grandma secret recipe. It was so delicious. The creamy curry chicken was flavourful with a hint of sourish from tomato's flavour. Fragrantly good yet the taste doesn't left you feeling bored or awkward even after few bites. To me, its reminded me of my mom's secret recipe Portugal Chicken. Yummilicious!
I guessed today is my lucky day, except for the fact that I left my house keys somewhere that I had to called my sis up and get the spare keys from her. Besides having the nice dishes brought by Bobidom, I also got some homemade yogurt from one of the gym member, Agnes.
Homemade Yogurt with Assorted Nuts and Blackcurrant
Agnes is an expert of Homemade Yogurt. The Yogurt not only tasted good, it was nutritious too. It contained lots of nuts and fruits. High in enzymes.
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