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Kingfisher Ramadan Bazaar

Monica Monday, August 30, 2010 , , , ,
Every time passed-by Kingfisher shop lots, we spotted the happening spot at the bazaar. When comes to blog, sometimes, we just left out the most convenient place and rather travel far to search for interesting post.
Compare to other bazaar, Kingfisher Bazaar was not huge but it included the restaurants nearby.
Assorted local delicacy sell at Restoran Sri Juara
Colourful desserts
Fried Noodles
Angeline bought some locals kuih here
Next to Restoran Sri Juara, Mawie Restoran & Catering also sell some local delicacies

Freshly fried murtabak
Just right behind Mawie Restoran is Rasa Ria Cafe
Then, opposite the few restaurants, there are some stalls selling local delicacies, it is the most happening spot at Kingfisher.
The prices of the food is also cheap
Assorted type of kuihs, fried noodles and laksa
Freshly grilled fish
Nasi Padang
Freshly fried local pastries
Grilled's stall
Bought some Chicken Pie here.
  ABC looks tempting too!
   Tempted by the Nasi Kuning and bought some.
Haha...I bought Nasi Kuning and Chicken Pie.

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irresistible said...

there's a stall outside kf there selling very nice cucur udang. it's the rightest stalll. the one next to sugar cane drink stall. should try it out.

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