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Chicken Mushroom Pies by San Francisco Coffee

Clarice Saturday, August 28, 2010 , , , ,
San Francisco Coffee
1st Floor, Citymall.

San Francisco Coffee is actually opened by my church member and he has got the franchise for the whole East Malaysia which includes Sabah and Sarawak. We always like their special-recipe Chicken Mushroom Pies as the pies are always fresh. Any pies that are more than 3 days old will be thrown into dustbin as they are considered "expired". We also use to order their chicken mushroom pies for occasions like birthday or cell group.

His daughter can bake very good chicken mushroom pies but unfortunately she is not baking it that often. Most of the time the pies are baked and made by their staffs. Coincide she got the baking mood that special day and baked a bunch of chicken mushroom pies and sent us few. :)

The Chicken Mushroom Pies were still fresh and HOT (just out from oven) when they reached my house. They smelled so 'buttery' (Anchor brand of butter is used for their pastry). Made everyone of us drooling.......

Couldn't wait any longer and decided to savour it while the pie was still hot and fresh. :)

YUMMY!!!~~~~ crispy and crunchy pastry skin with very crispy and "eggy" taste egg-washed pastry top. The filings inside the pastry was combination of chicken slices, button mushroom and lotsa onions. It was very moist and contained enough amount of gravy to go with the pastry. Hence, won't feel too dry upon eating it. yummmm~~~~~~ heavenly GOOD!~~~~

See the filings... yummmm~~~~ believe or not? I ate 2pies in one go... burp!!!~~~

San Francisco Coffee is selling this pie in RM4.25 per piece in their shops.

Thanks Cass for the yummy chicken mushroom pies~~~~ :)
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