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Old Farm Foh Sang Drink House

Angeline Wednesday, August 18, 2010 , , ,
Old Farm Foh Sang Drink House
Location: Opposite How Lee Coffee Shop, used to be Kim Poh Drink House
Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 25/06/10 and 03/08/10
Previously, Jack and Monica did a review of this restaurant when I was in KL. They told me that the food portion was big that they can hardly finished. Tonight, I wasn't sure where to dine, so, I chose to try Old Farm.
Salted Vegetable Tofu and Fish Soup, RM15
The Salted Vegetable Tofu and Fish Soup tasted good. They used a good quality salted veg. but I think is a bit pricey cause I'd only found 3 pieces of fish head.
Claypot Yam and Pork, RM12
The Yam and Pork looks quite quite but tasted ok. I don't like the creamy taste. Portion was small.
Kung Pow Frog Leg, RM30
The Kung Pow Frog Leg was good, just a little pricey. The Frog Leg was fresh and the meat was tenderly sweet. The dish tasted savoury and bit on the salty side with a tang of spiciness.
Spinach with Preserved Egg, RM10
The dishes portion were not big except for the vegetables. It tasted really good, maybe because I like this cooking style for vegetable.
2 x plain rice, RM2.00 and Drinks RM4.00
Total paid, RM73.00
Expensive dinner for 2
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