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Ramadhan Buffet at Tanjung Ria Cafe, Hyatt Regency Hotel

Monica Monday, August 23, 2010 , , , ,
Tanjung Ria Cafe, Hyatt Regency Hotel
Price: RM82++ (Adult), RM41++ (Child)
Ratings: 4.5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 22/08/2010
Thank you Jane for a great dinner! 

Had a dinner appointment at Hyatt Hotel with Jane tonight. Finally, Angeline get to try the Ramadan's buffet at Hyatt and satisfied her curiosity. From the last two weeks, after the buffet at Le Meridien, she had been talking about her plan to check out the buffet at Hyatt Hotel.

Looking at the buffet's spread, it was not as much as Le Meridien but to us, qualities of food counts more than the quantities. Then, our favourite dishes captured our attentions. We were more than happy to see them serving Beef Burger which the beef patty was freshly made from grounded beef. Apart from that, we also saw our favourite Roasted Beef, Grilled Lamb, Lasagna, Naan and Chicken Tikka. That's the best thing of having buffet! We can have all of our favourite dishes at one go.

The Mini Beef Burger was a 'hot-pick' and it was worth the long queue. The thick beef patty was juicy yet tasted good.
The fat and juicy Roasted Beef was something not to be missed. Every meaty bite of the beef gave us a great satisfaction.
The Grilled Lamb was tasty. Crispy skin with tender meat.
Cheese Naan which tasted so cheesy. It was full of Mozzarella Cheese.
   Chicken Tikka and Naan
Roasted Meat
 Chicken rice, tofu, vegetables and soup
Bread and cheese
Western Food selection
 Braised Beef
 Mash Potato
Beef Noodle
Fried Flower Crab
Fried Chicken Drumet
Fried Prawn
Beef and Chicken Satays
Satay Sauce
Sotong Kangkung with sweet sauce
Nasi Briyani
Stir-Fried Cabbage
Curry Fish
Beef Rendang
Dim Sum

Keropok and Pickles
Sauces and Belacan
Malay Traditional and Western Salad
Kebab and Murtabak
Kuih Terang Bulan
Healthy Steamed Dessert
Sweet Dessert Soup
 Pengat Durian
Bubur Kacang Merah
Bubur Cha Cha
Bubur Kacang Hijau
Chocolate Fountain
Ice Kacang or ABC
Ice Cream

Now is time to look into our plate...woo

See how Angeline have the patience to arrange her food nicely and took photo before she eat it.... you're good!

Prawn, crab, chicken drummet and salad
Angeline 2nd attempt: Roast Beef, Lamb, mash potato and Grilled Vegetables
Angeline 3rd attempt: Beef and Chicken Satays
Angeline 4th attempt: Beef Burger, thumbs up!
 Angeline 5th attempt

Angeline favourite drink: Syrup with selasih
Angeline's dessert

Ok, this are mine and Jack's food.....we did try to arrange it nicely tho!

Nice chicken tikka
a bit of everything
Dim Sum
Ooooh we love the cheese naan
Very juicy mini beef burger
Beef Noodle Soup
Jack's Ice Kacang
My Teh Tarik
Yes, my dessert

Hyatt Hotel really took the efforts of keeping good qualities of their food. Every time we dine-in, without fail, we will always left with a big smile on our faces. For the price that we are paying, it was actually worth of money.

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ahbing said...

o.O this post is really amazing. so many photos! no wonder you upload from 8pm to midnight, lol. Awesome effort :D

Angeline said...

Nice meeting you ahbing! See you again in future, next time you'll meet Monica as well :) I've a great dinner and time with you all tonight!

Manda's Life said...

Wow.. great post!! I Love the photos u took!! ^^

Arlene said...

My company is having Berbuka Puasa ramai2 here next week!! Soooo excited!! Thanks so much for the reviews and the mouth watering photos!! My collegues kept asking me what are the menus, I just give/show them this blog post! lol!!

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