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Kedai Kopi Janggut, Hilltop

Clarice Saturday, August 14, 2010 , , ,
Kedai Kopi Janggut

Have not been dining at this restaurant for long long time. We were all craving for tom yam and my aunty suggested to eat at this restaurant. The name of this restaurant comes from the Boss himself as the Boss has moustache (Malay: Janggut) at his chin just as the logo at the signboard itself. :=) Wanted to take photo of him but dare not at the end. :P

Specialty of this restaurant: Fish noodle in clear soup or tom yam and some special home-made dishes (can't remember what are the dishes as not been eating them long long time). Will try to take more photos when I go there again in the coming week.

My brunch: Tom Yam Meehoon with fresh fish slices and Yu Fu
The Fish slices were fresh and I like their Yu Fu. Yu Fu is made from fish paste and a lot of egg yorksss. I still can taste the egg taste for their Yu Fu, believe it was very fresh. The tom yam soup itself was not spicy at all but thick with hint of sourish.... yuuummmmmmyyy....

My aunty and uncle's brunch: Tom Yam Meehoon with Fried Garoupa Fish Slices and Yu Fu

One of their specialty: Fried Wan Tan
I like the skin of the wan tan. Though it was the normal dumpling skin (I ever saw once when the Boss was wrapping it), it was fried until super duper crispy and the pork meat filing was flavourful too. Yummmyyyy .... thumbs up!

I like their special chilli sauce. Spicy but with strong garlic and kit chai taste. We couldn't have enough of it. :)

Total bill paid: Around RM60.00

Though the price was at the steep side, with the amount and quality of the food given, this shop is still at the top of our dining list. We would definitely be bringing our HK friends to dine in here next week. :)
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Anonymous said...

The wantan looks nice, but I'm pretty sure this restaurant is pork free though

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