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Little Italy

Clarice Monday, August 30, 2010 , ,
Little Italy
Kota Kinabalu. (Next to Capitol Hotel)

Yes, we were craving for Baked Sandwiches. So the best and ONLY place for baked sandwich is nonetheless LITTLE ITALY. We went there early before 6pm, so it was a breeze for us to get table / seats.

As usual, we opted for Homemade Lemonade.
Not too sweet and bit sourish. Very refreshing and really killed my thirst...

Seafood Soup with Spaghetti.
We just could't have enough of this seafood soup. Very clear tomato broth with lotsa of fresh seafood. Every single sip contains light tomato taste but very fresh seafood taste. Worth every penny of it. :) Thumbsss up!!!~~~

Ham and Cheese Baked Sandwich
Also, couldn't have had enough of this. The sandwich top and base skin was baked until Super DUPER crisp. Sandwiched with lots of ham and cheese, fresh lettuce and some kind like cream cheese spread. Yummy~~~~

Look at the ham... so tempting ya? :)

This round, we also tried their Ravioli Combo Fiesta - combination of 2 types raviolis on the plate - Ravioli Chicken with Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce and Ravioli al Funghi with cream-based Funghi sauce.
The ravioli chicken was not spicy at all though its name was with the word "spicy". Could feel the minced chicken inside the pasta on our every bite. Good~~~~ though I'm not a tomato-based sauce eater.
I prefer the cream-based (FATTENING) sauce. :P Hence, the Ravioli al Funghi with cream-based Funghi sauce got my full support. :) The mushroom inside the pasta just tasted so good, every bite was full of mushroom. The cream-based sauce was not too thick and heavy. They were generous as well with the amount of fresh mushroom in the sauce. YUMMY!!!~~~~ love it...

Bear in mind, all pastas are freshly made by the Chef. Hence, weighing the freshness, yumminess, portion against the price, to me, it is reasonable.

Another satisfying meal for all of us!

Total bill paid: RM100+
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