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Fresco Restorante and Bistro Bar, Jesselton Point

Angeline Friday, August 27, 2010 , , , , ,
Al Fresco at Jesselton Point
Lot 6, Tanjung Lipat, Jalan Gaya,
88000 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-266882
Business hours: 6:30pm-12:00pm (Kitchen close at 10:30pm)
Food: 4.5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 26/08/2010
For the month ramadhan, we are trying our best to do some interesting food post for you all, our follower. At first we were reluctant to Fresco cause some of our friends rated this place so so only. Tonight, my instinct told me this place serve good food, I called up my sister "Monica" and her boyfriend "Jack" ($ronco$) my blog's team member to join me dining here. I guess, location wise, it wasn't very convenient, we have to make one big round to get to this place. I was not wrong, I think we have found the best pizza in town, they've the right ingredient to make the pizza dough that meet our requirement, crusty, nice aroma, not dry and a bit chewy texture. Our starter, the bread basket was served with toasted focaccia bread and side with tomato dipping, we can't stop nodding our head yes...yes..yumm..yumm as we ate the bread and pizza. Well, I order 2 pizza for 3 person dining cause it is more filling and felt like loading up with some good carbs, haha. Main course price start from RM20-RM70+, serving Italian food. If you're on budget like us, just order pizza, you'll never go wrong with it, trust us!
Ginger Ale, RM6.00
While waiting for my food blog team to be here, I'm playing with my camera to kill boredom!
Toasted Focaccia Bread (F.O.C)
We love it, crunchy or crispy, chewy, not dry, aroma of the bread gonna make you asking for more and tasted extremely good with ths simple tomato dipping. Sorry, we are bread lover!
French Fries, RM10
Is not in the menu, I'm craving for it so I just try my luck and ask for it. Although is from the frozen packaging, I still like it. I like thick cut fries, crispy outside, soft inside and it get cold, it's chewy. Can tell, fried with clean oil.
 Diavola Pizza, RM25.90
Mmmm...Mamamia....our favourite peperoni beef pizza, simple ingredient made good food.
Borneo Pizza, RM25.90 out for the chili padi, don't say I didn't warn you! Very Asian taste, haha, pineapple, thick square chicken ham and cheese, just eat it! Don't talk to me now...yumm
Total paid for dinner, RM77.97
Live Band! Just testing their music equiptment
Loading up on carbs! Carbohydrates Night for us, haha!

We are going to bring you to a place that serve Wagyu Beef Burger soon, follow us!
Thank you for supporting our blog!!!

Disclaimer: This is based on our personal dining experienced and our taste bud.

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