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E G Steamboat Buffet @ Bundusan and De Square Cafe @ Likas Square

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E.G. Steamboat Buffet
Location: Corner shop, easy to spot from the roadside
Food: 4/5
Service: Self-service
Cleanliness: 2.5/5
We spotted a new place for steamboat and BBQ at Bundusan recently while passing by Bundusan area. Hence, Monica, Angeline and I planned to go there for dinner tonight. At first, we thought the shop will be quite empty but we were wrong. It was crowded and food were finished few minutes after they refilled. It cost RM24.90 per person and buffet style.

Overall, the food was good. Very flavourful chicken broth was used as the soup base. Some of the fish balls are very special, when you bite through it, you will notice different type of fish balls contained different ingredients. We had tried Fish Ball with Taro, Fish Ball with Pumpkin and Fish Ball with Minced Meat. The Fish Ball was fresh, no fishy smell and doesn't taste salty.

Other ingredients such as prawns, fish, chicken, beef and cockles are fresh too. We like the curry flavour chicken for grilled. It tasted good. Plenty of vegetables are available for picked but due to the heavy crowds, we couldn't find a chance to snap the photo of the selection of food available.

De Square Cafe @ Likas Square (serve no pork)

This gonna be unusual than the normal posts. It's gonna be short post with only few photos.

De Square Cafe used to be one of my family's favourite place for steamboat. However, it was few years back since the last time we visited the restaurant. My mom finally planned to pay a visit to the restaurant and had a family dinner there.
Some of the dishes; Stuffed tofu, Egg roll, Fish Ball
Little do we know, the restaurant had already changed ownership. It was such a consider that we met the previous owner dining there and we had a short conversation.
Fried Wantan and Beancurd
When the ingredients was served, we totally forgotten about taking photos and so, we threw most of the ingredients to the hot pot.
From what I had remembered, the steamboat quality had deteriorated. The soup base contained less MSG which basically means less taste. Then, it was the childhood memory that count, I guess.
The restaurant caters more for tourists. For the steamboat, it cost only RM20 per pax. If I were to rate this restaurant, I will only give 3/5 for the food.
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Mr.alien said...

want to ask where is this actually?....near where???

Monica said...

Going from Beverly hills, you will notice the shop at your right hand side. You'll have to make a U-turn from the roundabout before Mayflower.

Mr.alien said...

so it's from mayflower up it?
a new shop lot there where there is a big malay food shop there?

Monica said...

Hmm...if you coming from Mayflower, it is further up a bit..If you coming from Beverly Hills(which is on ur left),it will be before Mayflower,some shop lots on the right (which u need to U turn to get there), got a Curry House there but I forgot the name..Sorry yah, I'm not very good in giving direction..but you will definitely spot the shop from the road side.

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