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Upper Crust, Demiros Mediterrane Restaurant and Happy Gathering @ Cardiff

Angeline Sunday, August 8, 2010 , , , , , , ,
Travelodge Cardiff Central Hotel
Imperial Gate
St. Mary's Street
CF10 1FA
Tel: 0871 984 6224*
Fax: 02920 398737

Our accomodation in Cardiff, we booked online earlier so we got a special rate, it cost GBP$58 a night.

Breakfast at Upper Crust

Cappuccino, GBP$1.60 x3, Various pasties GBP$1.60
I love breakfast, bread and a cup of nice coffee, arhhh!
Cheese and bacon Sandwich, GBP$3.25
Simple, freshly bake baguette crunchy outside soft and chewy texture with a nice piece of cheese and bacon filling...yummm...heaven
Chocolate Pastry, GBP$1.60
Good to go with coffee, nah! I don't fancy chocolate, I know I miss out of something really good, too bad I'm allergic to chocolate.

Lunch at 
Demiros Mediterrane Restaurant
Tel: 029 2049 1682

1 Jug of Sparkling Mineral Water, GBP$1.75, Becks, GBP$3.30 and Magners, GBP$3.75
3 x (GBP$11.95) Spaghetti Ala Marinara, GBP$35.85
I guess everyone like seafood and tomato sauce, just nice!
Fussili Salmone, GBP$10.95
Great salmon pieces, no fishy smell, serve with lots of parmesan cheese, very filling though!

Dinner at Happy Gathering
233 Cowbridge Road East Canton
Cardiff, CF11 9AL
Tel: 029-20397531

Everyone are craving for Chinese food for dinner, Asian can't live without rice but not for me, just give me bread and I'm good just with that. My niece say this place serve great chinese food, so we just follow her lead and let her place the order as well.
Steamed Chicken, GBP$8.10 
Chicken meat texture was a bit different from the asian chicken, softer more juicier breast meat, well it was ok, acceptable.
Beancurd Ball,GBP $8.50
Yummy..I like this one, it was coated with sweet and sour sauce, can I have the whole dish for myself
Fish Head Beancurd Soup for 4 person, GBP$14.00
Wow! This soup kind of too pricey, tasted ordinary
Boiled Rice for 4 person, GBP$10.00
Really pricey bowl of rice, but they're using a good rice grain
Ginger Chicken, GBP$8.50
Tasted good, chicken was coated with sweet soy sauce, strong taste of ginger and onion.
Gai Lan, GBP$7.00
Small serving size, not even enough for me
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