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La Fuente Tapas Bar, 1 Borneo

Angeline Sunday, August 1, 2010 , ,
La Fuente Tapas Bar
G-816, Ground Floor, 1Borneo Hypermall
Jalan Sulaman
88400 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-486609
Business hours: 9am-12am
Food: 4.5/5
Services: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Date reviewed: 31/07/2010
Today is Monica birthday, I have already make a plan for her to go for Salt Movie and dine at La Fuente at 1Borneo. We did check on their menu last few day, curious to know other then tapas what they serve, when we saw they're serving burgers we immediately say "Let's eat here on your birthday".
We actually quite disappointed today when we order burgers, it wasn't available yet. So I become the decision maker, I ask the waitress to recommend their special dishes, order for sharing.
I guess the atmosphere and the services do come first, with a friendly, warm dining atmosphere and excellent services, make the food worth the price you pay for.
Absolutely will made food tasted even more delicious, I'll give 2 thumbs up for tonight dinner, very satisfying and fulfilling, everyone of us leaving the restaurant with a big smile.
When they know is Monica Birthday, tiramisu that we ordered for dessert was actually not charge in our bill and the staffs also suprised Monica with a birthday song, candle light up when they serve the Tiramisu. Wow! We are impressed with this special service, without us request for it. Thank you La Fuente for giving Monica a memorable night on her birthday :-)
Total paid for tonight dinner, RM182.80
Drinks: Carlsberg (RM11.30), Connor's (RM10.43), Citron Presse (RM5), 2 x Ginger Beer (RM10), Sprite (RM5)

Salchicas Diablo, RM10.90 (bread are included for every ordering of tapas)
Sausage tasted really good, everyone favourite, the sauce was good, not too hot with a hint of spice, full of tomatoes flavour, which we love it.

Bread to go with the Tapas

Pasta Salsa, RM12.90
The plain tomato based pasta was good. The Salsa sauce tasted just right with the pasta. It was a little sourish with a hint of sweetness.
Pasta Ajo, RM10.90
This Aglio Olio based of pasta was our favourite. It was mixed with lots of garlic, olive oil and herbs. Fragrantly good yet tasty.

Tostada Jamon, RM9.90
It is just like a mini pizza. The thick bread was topped with ham and mozzarella cheese. Yummy!

Pollo Ajillo, RM6.90
The chicken meat had a mild herbs flavour with a little saltiness. Not heavy flavoured but tasted not bad.

Patatas Fritas, RM5.90
Fried Wedges served with mayonnaise. The potato wedges was crispy and flavourful on its own.

Mariscos, RM59.80
The Paella tasted savoury with a little sourish. It wasn't too dry and the rice absorbed the gravy very well.

Tiramisu, RM14.90 (F.O.C. tonight)
The Tiramisu was good. Better than Little Italy and Bella Italia. It wasn't too sweet. Mouth watering dish which was so delicious.

Playful us, add tabasco for dessert!
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