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Bistro Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights

Joanne Friday, August 6, 2010 , , ,
Damansara Heights
No. 6, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2093 0708, Fax: 03-2095 3221
Email: [email protected]
  Lemonade, Apple and Peach Juice
Great weekend with great friends. What's more should I ask for more? Good food and a good place to hang out? Yes, tonight my friends and I are going to Jarrod and Rawlins for dinner. Gonna have lots of good food.
 Crispy Pork Knuckle
The Crispy Pork Knuckle took about 30 minutes to be serve. It is truly worth the wait. The skin was so crispy while the meat was so tender.
 Grilled Chicken
The Grilled Chicken was well-marinated. It tasted pretty flavourful.
 Dynamite Sausages
A must-order dish. The dynamite sausages was so good that I couldn't stop eating after the first bite.
 Mashed Potato
 Caesar Salad
 Grilled Pork
 Crispy Roasted Pork
The Roast Pork was crispy and flavourful. Even just eaten plain without sauce, it tasted so good.
 Cream of Mushroom Soup
 Grilled Fish
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