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Krishna's Fish Head, Taman Milenium

Angeline Friday, August 20, 2010 , , , , ,
Krishna's Fish Head, Taman Milinieum
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
It's been a while I haven't drop by here for dining, for me this is the best place for curry fish head, mainly based on my tastebud but I think a lot of KK people will agree with me. I reached the re about 8:30pm, so it wasn't crowded anymore but some of the dishes already sold out, e.g. lamb curry..etc. Luckily they never run out of fish head, it will be a dissapointment if I drive all the way here and couldn't get my curry fish head. Other than that I like the friendly atmosphere here, the bosses are friendly and the server work really speedy cause the boss is always here eyeing on them. We had another sumptious dinner tonight and it only cost us RM50.00, most of the time the boss just charge a rounded discounted figure. Oh! I heard for ramadhan they offer some buka puasa buffet or something, they also served local delicacy like kuih-muih during buka puasa time.
Water, drink as much as you like, free
Banana Leaf, my plate, haha
Steamed Rice, eat as much as you like
Curry Fish Head (Medium)
 Currylicious... this mouth watering fresh fish head, very meaty, thick gravy with full of spices, you will eat a lot of rice with it
Vegetables, refillable, you can always ask for another portion, which I did. I like the way they cook the cabbage, crunchy and sweet.
Sambal Prawn
I don't fancy prawn, allergy, I tasted a bit of it, very nice sambal but more on the salty side, I would love it if it was more sweetness in it
Honey Chicken
Sweet with flavourish spices fried chicken, tender and juicy meat, love this coated with sweet gravy, now we are talking, totallly my cup of tea!
Total paid for dinner, RM50 (included 2 teh tarik and water)
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