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Contributed by Bobidom: Restaurant Eddie's and Sailor's Cafe

Blog_For_Fun Saturday, August 21, 2010 , , , , ,
I've been craving for western food these few days,
and the thought of mixed grill and battered fish and chips
keeps lingering in my head!

So i decided to go to Eddie's corner (Restaurant Eddie) in Lintas (beside Lintas Hospital/BTC restaurant)

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This photo is from Monica.
Note to self: Must keep the habit of taking the restaurant's overview FIRST before food!

For buka puasa, what else would i order than Mixed grill? XD

The price is RM17, and it comes with grilled lamb and small pieces of chicken chop, chips, mixed vege and baked beans!
I would highly recommend you guys to order this dish because it's totally worth it.
The portion is big.. for the ladies.. u might be gasping for air in order to finish it. lol!

I also tapao-ed fish and chips *tamak haha*
Didn't manage to take any photo coz it has been packed neatly.
But you can always go to Monica and Angeline's blog post here.
Her blog is FULL of food!!! XD


Next day, I decided to go to Sailor's Cafe after receiving recommendation from my school friend, Shaniza.
Dino and Serena joined BB & I this time.
Few others were caught up with work and family dinner.

Sailor's Cafe is located right beside Krishna curry house in Plaza Grand Millenium -1st floor.
They open 5pm - 11pm every day except Thursday.

We ordered few things and shared with each other.
First of all, a bowl of chips.

The chips are crispy and nice.
It cost RM3 only!

As for drinks, BB and Serena ordered a normal Root bear, while
Dino and I ordered Root bear float (Vanilla ice cream)
Nice XD.
Price is RM2 for normal, and RM5 for float.

For my personal dish, i ordered teriyaki meat ball which cost RM4.50.
Initially i thought it will come out small.
But i was wrong XD

It was big and delicious!
and it's RM4.50 only!

Next came our ermm... meat platter (i forgot it's name)

This dish cost Rm55, which comes with 4 sticks of 4 different flavours and one of 'em is chicken teriyaki stick and beef stick.

For RM55, i personally wont be ordering this next time.
One time for trying is enough.

Since we're sharing all these, I still felt a bit hungry.
So i ordered Spaghetti Arrabiatta and requested for extra spicy.

This dish cost RM14.
The sauce was a-ok for me.
I still prefer Little Italy's :)

Lastly, from Dino's friend recommendation,
we ordered Turkey sandwich.

This dish is RM14.
As you can see, it came with 3 big slices of grilled turkey meat, 1 egg sunny side up and more chips!
My opinion is: DELICIOUS!
I loved it.
Some say you can try ordering the meat medium and not well done.

I love the interior design!
Though it's a bit deemed, it felt so homey yet SO creative.
I love the wall & i love the mini souvenir shop inside too.

(pic from Dino)

(pic from Dino)

Overall, I'd give this place a 3.8/5.
Definitely worth trying!
I will surely go again for the ambience and to try out other menu :)
Click here to see more photos from their FB.

Tonight, buka puasa at Le Meridien with family! XD
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