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Contributed by Angie - David's Business Trip to Iran

Blog_For_Fun Thursday, August 26, 2010
Recently, my loved ones, David, gone for a business trip to Iran on the 2nd August 2010. I thought that it will be great to blog about it because only a minority of us will travel to Iran.
He took a flight from Emirates Airlines. According to him the service is okay and he had a pleasant flight.
Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice
Some people said MAS Airlines serves the best food on air but the food served by Emirate Airlines was not bad as well.
Going to Iran, of course will have some Iran's food on the plane!
Stewed Eggplant and Beef with Dhaal
He also took the photo of the food belong to his business partner. It was lucky that we are from Malaysia and we are quite familiar with almost all kind of food around the world.
Below are the photos of his hotel's room. It was cozy and comfortable...
Lounge Area

Shower Room
Comfortable Bed
After staying overnight at Tehran, the capital of Iran, he took another flight to Ahvaz where he had a few appointments with his clients.
Touching down at Ahvaz, together with his business's partner, they took a cab to the hotel.
He had made an early reservation of room at Pars International Hotel. The hotel is quite simple but comfortable.
Single bed
After they checked-in at the hotel, they went out for lunch at the nearest restaurant. He forgotten the name of the restaurant and it was a treat from his business's partner.
Fish Kebab
Iran food or Persian food's signature dishes are the Kebab. They ordered the Fish Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Naan for lunch. The food was not bad. The Kebab was marinated with spices and bring to grilled. He told me that it tasted pretty similar with the taste of Kebabs we found in Malaysia.
Chicken Kebab
Chicken Tikka
The business trip was very rush. They don't get to do much of the sight-seeing activities, except when they was in a car, traveling from one place to another place.
Met at his client's place. Before the formal meeting, his clients had prepared a scrumptious lunch for them.

Fish Kebab
Noodle Soup
A very special Noodle Soup. It tasted a little sourish, savoury and with a hint of sweetness. Cooked with plenty of vegetables.

White Rice with Saffron
White Rice with Saffron is a signature dish of Iran cuisine. It had a nice fragrant.
Baked Saffron Yogurt Rice with Lamb
If you happen to be at Iran, Tah-Chin is a not to be miss dish. The rice cake was flavourful. Quite special though.
Fried Shrimp
The dining table was full of food.
After meal, sit at the lounge for tea and dessert

After meal Dessert
David's client also brought him to a special restaurant for dinner.
Naan Barbari
Thin bread made from wheat flour and sprinkle with sesame seeds and brans.
Beef Kebab
During the whole trip, they had Kebab everyday and when came back to KL, he told me that he had enough of Kebab and missed Malaysian's food. Sometimes, no matter how good the food tasted, when you have too much of it, you will feel bored. Eat moderately is always the best.
Chicken Kebab
Lamb Kebab
Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce Rice
Finally, is time to go home. Haha...during the flight, he chose to have Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce Rice and swear that there will be no more Iran food for that month.


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