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Contributed by Habe: USJ Ramadhan Bazaar

Blog_For_Fun Sunday, August 29, 2010 , ,
I'm working around Subang area today, as I reached here early and remember Angeline's ask me to take some ramadhan bazaar in KL if I happen to see one, so I did it for her food blog. She's a very hardworking person, I think she work 24/7, even when she go hang out with us, she'll be still working on her food blog, start with taking photos of the restaurant, then menu, then food, last one to eat and what next? Questionaire about the food and rating....hmmm...feeling a bit pressure to have her around, haha, just joking. As one of your good buddy, I do my little part to contribute to your blog. Wish your hardwork will make you excel in whatever you do! God Bless!

It was around 5:00pm, bazaar located at the housing area in USJ. More and more people coming, getting really crowded, as I was in the rush I just a few quick shot. Funny, people keep asking me, am I from China Press Newspaper, haha.
Noodle, Rice and Malay Cuisine Stall
Cempedak Fritter, Pulut and Lemang
Curry Puffs
Rice and Lauk-Lauk
Wow! Look at the Ikan Masak Merah
Angeline's favourite, Agar-agar with selasih
Agar-Agar Stall
Malay Kuih
Cookies, beef jerky and Rojak Sauce
Chili Popiah
Original Popiah
Malay Kuih
Grilled Chicken Wings
Drinks and Dessert Stall
Drinks, Chicken Rice and Noodle Stall
Otak Otak
Ayam Percik
Wow! This really make me salivaliting!
Grilled Spices Chicken
Grilled Fish Stall
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