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Starbucks Citymall

Clarice Saturday, August 14, 2010 , ,
Starbucks Coffee

It's been long long time I didn't catch up with my friends - Jean couple and Yiin Wei. It's rather difficult also to get all of us gather together nowadays as everyone would busy with own stuffs. Finally, we managed to make it this Friday night. I was finishing work late on that day as well. By the time I was done, it was already the meeting time. Plus the hectic to find parking at Citymall, I better have my dinner at Starbucks itself for some sandwiches.

My dinner : Chicken Corn Toasted Sandwich and Green Tea Frappuccino
Simple and nice sandwich with the combination of chicken and corn (as shown by its name). I like the bread though. Some kind of pitta bread with some herbs on top. Anyway, it would be better if the filings be bit more gravy / wet.

Total bill paid: Rm27.70
(Opppssss... the picture is upside down. :P)

We have had a pleasant night chit-chatting and also '8' around. :)
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