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Ramadan Bazaar @ Gaya Street

$ronco$ Thursday, August 19, 2010 , , ,
It's time to visit Ramadan Bazaar! It was lucky enough that my office are located at Gaya Street where one of the most happening Ramadan Bazaar is held there. Plenty of stalls are set-up and assorted of Malay's food are available.
Grilled Stall
Even Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa had a stall at the bazaar
Kek Lapis Sarawak
Quench your thirst with the colourful drinks
Putu Piring
Locals Kuih
Murtabak Jawa
 Fried Noodles
Assorted Locals Kuih
The prices of the food are quite cheap. My tummy grumbled when I look at the food. It was because I haven't had my lunch yet. I'm saving my tummy for the good food at the Ramadan Bazaar.
That's mine; Nasi Briyani with Curry Chicken
This is actually my third visits to the bazaar. My first visit was around 6pm where most of the local kuihs were sold out. During my second visit, I bought a very special Roti John with Chicken which was wrapped with Popiah Skin and deep fried. It tasted so good. What I got during the third visits?
Nasi Briyani with Curry Chicken RM2.90
It was economical and it tasted good. The curry chicken's gravy was quite thick, flavourful, rich in curry spices and wasn't too spicy.
On the other hand, my colleague bought some local kuihs and Assam Laksa.
Taste wise, it was not bad.
Ramadhan Bazaar at Gaya Street
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maslight said...

Wat? Assam laksa in tapau, inda tumpah ka tu? Every year got at Lintasan Deasoka but never got the chance to go. One of these days. So far, I've been to the one at Sembulan (the ikan bakar there sells like hot cakes, you have to reserve) and Asia City (crowded when it's 5pm-ish).

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